The Stormhammer Signature Quest Guide

Guide By: Savanja

The Stormhammer is the weapon gift of Brell, found by the mighty dwarven leader, King Kazon Stormhammer long ago. Those brave and dedicated may embark on a quest to receive The Stormhammer, a one-handed crushing weapon perfect for priests and fighters in their upper 60s.

The Stormhammer starts with examining a chest in Stormhammer Keep (loc -101, 46, -81). This will spawn the Hammer of Below book in a random spot within the room with the waterfall. The book starts the signature quest and a collection quest. You need to complete the collection quest to continue with the Stormhammer quest.

The pages are found as spawns around Kaladim. You'll find the first in the room in which you start this quest, then the others in the mine and in The Hall of the Hammer. Once you have completed the collection, turn it in to whatever collection person you use. You may now start the signature quest, The Stormhammer by speaking with OC Irontoe in Fort Irontoe.


The Stormhammer - Head back into Kaladim, through Ogrebane Arena and into Stormguard Hall. Here you will find the Black Sun Grizzly Rug (loc 196, 17, -94) that will open up a needed quest for this line to gain access to the Haunted Vault and will spawn several side quests that you will need to complete before coming back to The Stormhammer quest:


(Access Quest) Burning the Black Sun Grizzly Rug - Run on down the hall to the other end from where you get this quest and find the examinable scroll (loc 163, 17, -89). You'll receive a shopping list of items that you need to collect from Kaladim. You'll need these items from the quaketail brewers, the porters from the mushroom area, and the geoanimator goblins.

You now have all the collected items, so return to the rug to burn it. This area will reveal a door in the floor. You need to be able to speak Serillian* to examine and read the note next to the door, which is progresses your quest. You will now have access to Stormguard Hall which uses the same entrance as the Vault. Follow your Stormhammer quest to gain the sub-quests from this zone.

*Note: Serillian is the kobold language. The quest for this language is found in the Gnomeland Headquarters in the Steamfont Mountains. This is the excerpt from our Steamfont Zone Guide for the quest:

Language of the Dust (Level 35) - This is the kobold language quest, and it's done a bit differently than typical language quests. Lingualogian Roosey sends you off to collect deepearth runes off of the kobolds. Get the quest, examine the runes as they drop from the kobolds to get the update, then return to Roosey. Now you can speak Kobold!


(Sub-quest) Remnants of a Traitor - Now you will need to kill assorted named mobs within Kaladim. These are found around the zone and as part of the ring events. You may need to do the ring events more than once to get all of the mobs you need.

The Avatar ring event:

1. Kill the 4 Bugbears around the pool in the first room.
2. Kill the Geomancers and his group that is inside the pool.
(you get message that ring event has begun.)
3. Kill the goblins that circle the Avatar in the 2nd room.
4. Kill the mobs in the center of the 3rd room.
5. Kill King Caertex 70^^^ with 2-70^^ friends. (25, 30, -536)
6. Kill the Avatar in 2nd room when it becomes targetable.

You will also need the Iron Lord Kraxxaxis found in the Hall of the Hammer. The placeholder for this mob is the iron lord. And you need the Picklord Ryjeka, found at the end of the tunnel.


(Sub-quest) Shards of the Eye of Stormhammer - For this portion of the Stormhammer series you will need to head to the Loping Plains to gather. I believe that you need to have a high enough skill to harvest in this zone, so keep that in mind when you get started. You will gather from 3 areas, the Wolf's Maw (fruit, trunks, woodworth), Breathless Hollow (roots, groves, leaves, branches), and Arkelek's Gash (blossom, trees, thorns, forest, nature)

Once you have all of the gathered items, you will make your way back to Kaladim and move on to the next portion of the quest.


(Sub-Quest) Refurbished Goods - This ones pretty easy. You'll need random updates from the goblins and kobolds in Kaladim.


The Stormhammer Continued - You will now need to return to The Vault, or Stormguard Hall, to complete the rest of this quest series. Kill the 3 ghosts to spawn the NPCs that you need to hail to finish up the sub-quests, then find the chest and grab the orders. You are finally done with this place!

Return to OC Irontoe at Fort Irontoe in the Butcherblock Mountains. OC Irontoe will send you to Lesser Faydark to the Obelisk of Blight (loc 779, -42, 473), nearby you will find a stone on the ground that is examinable, click on it for the update.

Then you are off to the Loping Plains again! Head to Somborn and locate the grave in the cemetery (loc -437, 14, 58).

After another small update, you need to make your way to the Mistmoore Catacombs to locate the 4 gravestones. These are all on the main level. One is found on the southern most end of the zone up the climable wall (loc -5, -160, 191), the 2nd is on the center area up the climable wall (loc -33, -127, 121), the 3rd is up on the smaller island (loc -56, -154, -35), the 4th is on the northern end along the edge (loc -71, -119, -85).

You will need to retrieve The Stormhammer from the named mob, Xicotl, in Mistmoore Catacombs. He can be found in the Bloodforge (loc -127, -27, -25) in the basement. You'll need to clear the mobs and wait for the spawn to pop. Kill the named and then return to OC Irontoe to complete (finally) this quest series and receive the Stormhammer!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016