Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures has a large assortment of emotes for players to have fun with. To make learning these emotes easier Ten Ton Hammer has established an emotes video guide for you to become familiar with these fun little emotes in-game. We have listed the commands for each emote below and attached a short video to each to give you a preview of them. Just click below to view your chosen emote. You can also pull up a shortcut list in-game by typing /emote and pressing Tab two times.

Click here for a Printable List

/emote afraid

/emote amused

/emote angry

/emote applaud

/emote apprehensive

/emote approve

/emote ashamed

/emote bearhug

/emote beckon

/emote beg

/emote blowkiss

/emote bow

/emote burningman

/emote burp

/emote bycrom

/emote bymitra

/emote byset

/emote cheer

/emote chicken

/emote clap

/emote combhair

/emote confused

/emote cough

/emote crossarms

/emote cry

/emote curse

/emote curtsey

/emote disagree

/emote disappointed

/emote disgusted

/emote dismiss

/emote drink

/emote embarrassed

/emote embrace - (Coming Soon)

/emote emphasize

/emote formalgreeting

/emote frustrated

/emote gigolo

/emote greet

/emote grin

/emote haggle

/emote hi

/emote horizon

/emote hugefish

/emote irritated

/emote kneel

/emote laugh

/emote laughheartily

/emote lightheaded

/emote lookaround

/emote lowembrace

/emote mediumfish

/emote ovation

/emote play - (Coming Soon)

/emote point

/emote pointback

/emote pointdown

/emote pointleft

/emote pointright

/emote pointup

/emote ponder

/emote poundchest

/emote pumpleftfist

/emote pumprightfist

/emote pushaway

/emote rude

/emote sad

/emote salute

/emote scared

/emote scout

/emote scratcharm

/emote scratchhead

/emote shakehead

/emote shocked

/emote shoo

/emote sigh

/emote slitthroat

/emote smallfish

/emote social_expression_suspicios

/emote stop

/emote surprise

/emote sway

/emote tantrum

/emote think

/emote thirsty

/emote toast

/emote track

/emote uneasy

/emote vixen_worship (Coming Soon)

/emote vomit

/emote warn

/emote wary

/emote waveaway (Coming Soon)


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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