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Boots Were Made For Walking" - Dwarven Work Boots Heritage Quest

You can start this quest at
level 20, its much easier to wait until you're 26 or so, however. style="">

Goto Hwal
Rucksif at the Keep of the Ardent Needle in Antonica (-560, -317) to
start the quest. yes=""> The first step is to harvest 10 Ore and 10 Wood from
Antonica, keep in mind YOU must do the harvesting, the ore and
wood can't be bought or traded. To harvest in
Antonica you must have timber and metal harvesting of 25
skill, which might mean some time spent in Oakmyst Forest or the Forest
Ruins to level the skill.

He then wants you to collect
a few items. For the first, head to Blackburrow,
and when inside head down the lefthand corridor to the miner's area. style=""> The item drops from miners and excavators.> 
The second is in Stormhold, head to the library (at the Atrium, head
north and keep going straight… head down the 3rdpassage to
your left and hang another left). Clear the fungus and
mist for this relatively quick Caveroot Horror spawn (no need tokill

="FONT-WEIGHT: bold;?></SPAN>The item
drops from miners and excavators.<SPANSTYLE=">Bloodtalon,
a named griffon in TS, must be killed for the last item. He spawns
around +1150, +525, east of the giants in the western plain, and
MightyGriffons are placeholders. Killing two mighty griffons will spawn either Bloodtalon or a Majesitc Griffon. Obviously the latter should be killed as well.

Hwal wants you to return to Blackburrow to get some ale. It's in the
Brewery (swim beneath the falls in the bottom of BB, its the topmost
barrel in a stack just as you swim in (+22, +62).

Return to Hwal, who wants you to deal with his grandfather at the
Towerof Vhalen(-1300, +45) in
Antonica. Head into the instanced
dungeon with a groupto kill this level 25 or so mob. Hwal
will then send youto get pieces for his new boots. Kill mature
antelopes and Firerock scouts to get these items, both can be found
near where you killed Bloodtalon.

yes=" ?="">Go to Minty Frostbeard at Thundermist
Village in the TS. She tells you
to come back in one game day (72 min. real time). Later
on, collect the bootsand take them to Hwal. who will give you his old
boots, which should be a nice upgrade to your AQ boots.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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