World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 brought with it the release of the Throne of Thunder raid which is the third tier of raiding in Mists of Pandaria. While it is considered one raid for normal and heroic mode, for LFR players it is broken up into four sections. Each of these sections are available to queue for separately and are covered by a separate guide on this side.

This guide covers the fourth section of the Throne of Thunder LFR and the three bosses you will encounter in it. The bosses found here are Iron Qon, Twin Consorts, and Lei Shen. This guide is meant for LFR players only, as it covers to most critical elements of the LFR version of each encounter. The full versions of these fights are more complicated and demanding and require more in depth knowledge than provided here. This guide skips all details on the Ra-den fight found after Lei Shen since it is only available to raiders that complete this raid on heroic mode.

As an added bonus each boss also has a really short version of the essentials that can simply be pasted into raid chat to ensure that everyone knows the 25 words or less version of the fight.

If you haven't checked out Part 1, 2, or 3 of this guide you can find them here: Throne of Thunder LFR Guide - Part 1, Throne of Thunder LFR Guide - Part 2, or Throne of Thunder LFR Guide - Part 3

Iron Qon

This is four phase fight in which you need to deal with the bosses three different quilen champion mounts, and then with the Iron Qon by himself.

Over the course of the fight, regardless of which phase, the Iron Qon will use the impale ability on the tank. This stacks a bleed debuff that requires you to swap tanks whenever it gets to the point that the healers can not keep up.

Ro'shak - Phase 1

  • Gains molten energy slowly over the course of the fight, when it reaches 100 he casts Molten Overload and gains a 50% damage buff and then casts 10 Molten Inferno's in a row, each dealing raid wide fire damage.
  • Can throw a burning spear that sends lines of fire out that apply a stacking fire DOT. Players must avoid these.
  • The most important mechanic though is Unleashed Flame which he will use if there is a group of at least 5 players clustered within 10 yards. This ability causes damage and applies a stacking debuff called Scorched that increases fire damage taken by 20% for 30 seconds. Most importantly every time he casts this ability he consumes 30 molten energy, meaning that if you always have groups of players for him to hit, you will never cast a molten overload to damage everyone in the raid.
  • Create 2groups of 5 players to group up to take the unleashed flames until they have a few scorched debuffs and then separate and allow the next group to take several. Repeat swapping in new groups until the first group's debuff has cleared. Rinse and repeat until the end of the phase.
  • The phase ends once you have killed Ro'shak.

Quet'zal - Phase 2

  • The spear thrown in this phase is a lightning spear, that sends out lines of lightning on the ground that deal significant nature damage and apply a stacking debuff. Once the debuff reaches 3 stacks, you will be stunned in place for 20 seconds, and since you will by definition be on a lightning line you will likely die.
  • Casts Arcing Lightning onto random players, this creates a cloud over the head which stuns them for 30 seconds and blocking all incoming healing to them. It also damages anyone nearby and will arc out from them as well. Players can move in close and click on the cloud to free the affected person.
  • Lastly Quet'zal casts Windstorm a few times in this phase. It will pull everyone into the center of the room and deal damage to you if you remain in the marked area, so get out as quickly as you can. It will also create several smaller tornados called rushing winds that circle the outer area of the room, you must be careful to avoid these as they cause damage and stun you.
  • Once you have killed Quet'zal the Iron Qon will jump to his next mount and start phase 3.

Dam'ren - Phase 3

  • A frozen spear is thrown in this phase at random raid members that sends out lines that cause frost damage and a stacking debuff. The debuff slots movement and casting speeds significantly, so make sure you avoid it.
  • Dam'ren will occasionally channel a shield called Dead Zone which prevents all damage to him from 2 sides for 10 seconds. Make sure you watch for this and reposition as required.
  • There are two abilities that cause significant constant raid damage in this phase. They are Freeze and Frozen Resilience. Freeze hits random players and ticks for up to 5 seconds and then does raid wide frost damage, while frozen resilience reflects 10% of all damage done to the boss, back at the raid.
  • This is a very difficult healing check phase, as the more burst damage your players put out, the harder your healers have to work. Manage your DPS and Healing to get through this phase.
  • Once Dam'ren is defeated you will have to face the Iron Qon himself.

Iron Qon - Phase 4

  • He will gain a 10% stacking damage buff every 10 seconds from Rising Anger.
  • Heavy AOE damage is dealt from his Fist Smash ability, and by either igniting or freezing left over cyclones from phase 2.
  • This is a race to down the Iron Qon as there is a 12 minute enrage mechanic (started at the beginning of phase 1) as well as the stacking damage buff. Use all cooldowns to burn through this before damage caused outpaces your healers.

Iron Qon Macro
/raid Avoid AOE for spears, stack in groups of 5 for phase 1, click clouds in phase 2, get out of all other AOE in phases, save hero for phase 4!

Twin Consorts

This is a difficult four phase fight against two bosses at the same time, that do not share a health pool. In addition to the two bosses Lu'lin and Suen, there are four NPC celestials that can help you out in various ways.

Help from the Celesitals

  • There are four celestials on pillar around the room that will help you in this fight. Each can be use once before phase 3 and once in phase 3 or 4.
  • Once touched you will be put into a spirit phase of the room and have to perform a task to activate the celestial's buff. This involves tracing out a pattern on the floor.
  • The four buffs are: Ox - extra health for 15 seconds to everyone, Crane - damage to all enemies, Serpent - full health and mana for everyone, and Tiger - slows all boss abilities for 15 seconds.

Phase 1 - Darkness

  • In this first phase you will fight against Lu'lin for three minutes. Suen will appear but only briefly.
  • In this phase a Moon Lotus will spawn someplace in the room and send out clouds that put people to sleep for 5 seconds if you touch them.
  • Lu'lin will cast a Cosmic Barrage that spawns stars around the room, and you will need to watch who they target and get away from them. The stars will move to the random player and then deal damage and knock back the player and everyone else nearby.
  • Also throughout this phase Lu'lin will summon a Beast of Nightmare which will target one of the tanks. Only that tank can damage it, and the tank will inflict a DOT on anyone that heals them during this phase, so healers will need to rotate through healing them.
  • Suen will appear a few times during the phase and deal raid wide damage with the Tears of the Sun and random AOE target damage with Light of Day.

Phase 2 - Daylight

  • This phase is again three minutes, but you will now be fighting Suen, with Lu'lin making quick appearances.
  • Tank swaps are required in this phase due to a debuff applied with Fan of Flames which increase the fire damage suffered by 25% per stack.
  • Suen will charge random players dealing damage to them and anyone nearby and leave a blazing path of fire behind her that stays in place for a while burning anyone who crosses it.
  • Suen gains a stacking buff called Blazing Radiance throughout the fight that increases her fire damage caused. It can be reduced by tanking her next to the Ice Comets that Lu'lin summons every 20 seconds in this phase. Being near the comet makes Suen lose blazing radiance stacks, but also causes you to suffer a haste debuff.
  • This phase requires you to keep the number of blazing radiance stacks to a minimum.

Phase 3 - Break of Dusk

  • This phase lasts as long as it takes to defeat one of the two bosses, which you will be fighting at the same time.
  • During this phase Lu'lin will continue to summon ice comets as from phase 2, and will gain the Tidal Force ability. This is a channeled spell that makes her immune while casting and sends waves out in several directions. Anyone hit is dealt heavy damage and knocked back.
  • Suen will keep gaining her Blazing Radiance stacks and using her Light of Day ability.
  • This phase ends as soon as one of the bosses is dead. Since Lu'lin has a shield every time she casts her main attack, it is best to focus on Suen. Avoid as much AOE as possible and tank Suen near ice comets as in phase 2.

Phase 4 - Either Darkness or Daylight

  • Once one of the bosses has been defeated in phase 3, the fight will revert to the appropriate phase for the remaining boss and remain there until you defeat her or she enrages at the 10 minute mark of the fight.
  • Assuming you do kill Suen first you will fight Lu'lin for the rest of the fight with her previous abilities from phase 1. Repeat phase 1 and race to beat the timer.
  • If you kill Lu'lin first you will now be dealing with Suen. She will have her normal abilities from the first phase, however since Lu'lin is dead there will be no more comets to reduce the blazing radiance stacks so damage will ramp up quickly. Use DPS cooldowns to help kill her as quickly as possible, and survival cooldowns to live through the fight.This is a very difficult phase with Suen alive.

Twin Consorts Macro
/raid Spread out, avoid clouds and AOE damage, focus Suen in phase 3. Make sure you use all celestials before phase 3 starts, and then again in phase 3.

Lei Shen

As you might expect this is a rather complicated fight that will take most groups a long while to master. It has five different phases (3 major and 2 minor) and many different abilities. In addition there are four conduits in the room and each grants Lei Shen a different major ability, he gains the ability of whichever he is nearest to, and will destroy whichever one has the most energy on it at the end of a major phase. If this sounds complicated you should remember that he is the final boss in the raid afterall.


There are four conduits in the room that grant abilities as follows based on which Lei Shen is closest too. If he is not close enough to any of them in a major phase, he will spam a raid wide nuke that will kill the raid fairly quickly.

  • North - Static Shock - Places a debuf on a random player which explodes 8 seconds later splitting damage to everyone within 8 yards. This means that you will need at least 5 players to group on the targeted player so that they live.
  • East - Diffusion Chain - Deals a chain lightning attack bouncing up to 10 yards, once it runs out of targets it spawns a lightning add for each bounce it did. This means you need to spread out and then kill any adds that do appear as quickly as possible before splitting up again.
  • South - Overcharged - Roots a random player in place and overcharges them for 6 seconds. At the end of which they send out a nature hit and stun players for 3 seconds. Anyone that stays close to them (inside a visible ring) is safe from this so move in fast.
  • West - Bouncing Bold - Several spots in the room are marked and bolts of lightning are sent out to these areas. Anyone in them takes damage. However if no one is there a new zone will spawn and the bolt will bounce to the new area. Every time a bolt lands without hitting someone an add will spawn that needs to be killed.

Phase 1 (Major Phase)

  • Lei Shen will deal with you using several abilities in this phase until you lower him to 65% health.
  • He will attempt to Decapitate his current tank which requires the tank to get at least 20 yards away from him before he finishes the attack, and to then switch tanks after this due to a 100% damage debuff that is applied.
  • He also deals raid wide damage with Thunderstuck which targets an area on the ground and then deals damage to you based on how close you are too it (so get away), and Crashing Thunder which places AOE void zones on the floor that you will need to avoid.

Phase 2 (Minor Phase)

  • This is a 45 second phase in which Lei Shen becomes immune to damage and moves to the center of the platform and activates all 4 conduits abilities at once.
  • The goal here is to simply survive! After 45 seconds he will permanently deactivate whichever conduit had the most energy on it.

Phase 3 (Major Phase)

  • Lei Shen will deal with you using several new abilities in this phase until you lower him to 30% health. In addition the area of the room around the deactivated conduit will cause damage to anyone standing in it.
  • He will use Fusion Slash on his current tank which deals damage, knocks them back, and applies a 100% damage debuff that causes you to tank swap.
  • He also deals raid wide damage with Ball Lightning which summons several adds that deal nature damage to everyone in the raid while they are alive, and Lightning Whip which places AOE explosion zones on the floor that you will need to avoid when they spawn and then avoid the lighting that arcs out of them afterwards for about 10 seconds.

Phase 4 (Minor Phase)

  • This is a 45 second phase in which Lei Shen becomes immune to damage and moves to the center of the platform and activates all 3 remaining conduits abilities at once.
  • The goal here is to simply survive! After 45 seconds he will permanently deactivate whichever conduit had the most energy on it.

Phase 5 (Major Phase)

  • Lei Shen will deal with you using several old abilities (Thunderstruck, Ball Lightning, and Lightning Whip) in this phase, as well as several new ones until you kill him. In addition the area of the room around both deactivated conduits will cause damage to anyone standing in it.
  • He will use Overwhelming Power on his current tank which applies a stacking debuff causing you to take more damage.
  • He also deals raid wide damage with Violent Gale Winds which blows players across the room (and into the damage zones) as well as dealing damage to them while it pushes them. It also applies a debuff to all players that causes them to take more damage from further winds.

Lei Shen Macro
/raid Avoid DAMAGE and LIVE! Good Luck (you will need it)!

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