Thuuga Fable Quest Guide

By: Savanja

It isn't often in EverQuest II that a fairly easy to do quest line gives the reward of a stellar Fabled piece of gear, so obviously when this does happen, everyone wants in on it.

This quest line starts a bit out of the way, so it really isn't one of those that the everyday player would stumble upon. It is well worth doing, even if obtaining Fabled gear isn't primary goal of yours, it's still a fun and interesting quest line to do!

Speak with Anda to obtain the first quest in the series. You can find her in Kylong Plains up on the rock along the path from the Dreadlands into the mountains. loc: 1035, 164, -463.

A Fistful of Metal (level 70) - Speaking with Anda gains you this quest. Your first order of business is to gather ancient bricks. These are nearby and found in and around Ryjesium Lake. Mind the mobs in the water!

You'll then need to take these bricks to two NPCs in Terren's Grasp. Graves (loc: 2219, 480, -838) is found down the path west of the sokokar. Drazden (loc: 2054, 520, -983) is up the stairs and southeast of where you found Graves. They will each send you on a task.

    -Drazden's task: Locate and inspect these communique.
  • Drolvarg Communique: On the hollow tree near the river that flow to Ryjesium Lake. loc: 878, 23, -375
  • Crush and Swill Communique: Found in the giant area past the northern caves. loc: 693, 287, -1150
  • Krassik Communique: Found near Krassik Gateway on the way to Varis. loc: -193, 80, -561
  • Drachnid Communique: Found on the di'zok towers behind the drachnid caves. loc: 197, 63, 117
  • Wyvern Communique: Found further east of the drachind caves. loc: -122, 36, 107
  • Seeping Ruins Communique: East past Varis and across the water. loc: -1172, 14, -539

    -Graves' Task: Locate and destroy these listening crystals. (these are the sort you need to attack and kill, not just right click and destroy, but it's okay, I promise they won't hurt you..only the mobs surrounding them will!)
  • Den of the Widow Mistress: loc: 476, 64, 177). Inside the drachnid caves.
  • Ru'kaus: loc: 159, 111, 237. Up on the top floor of the tower out the window on the ledge.
  • Varis: loc: -522, 173, 44. In the back room.
  • Gra'al Shul Temple: loc: -2045, 93, -172. Inside the temple near the named mob.

Return back to Graves and Drazden! They will now ask you to deal with the opposing camps. You'll speak with each of the leaders, and then they'll attack you. Ambassador Raflin is on Omen's Churn Shore just past the fishing docks. loc: 144, 11, -968. Toad and his lackies are found east on the shoreline from the Dreg's Landing dock. loc: 401, 115, 332. Return to Graves and Drazden for your reward!

For a Few Coins More (level 70) - Speak with Anda again to start this quest. She sends you to speak with Colonel Leevan (loc: -430, 119, -361) near Varis. He's kinda in a weird spot, but if you go towards Varis and at the bridge that takes you directly into Varis, look down and you should see Leevan on a ledge. You have to drop down to get to him. Speak with him and you'll have to do plenty of chit chat to get him to trust you, and then you have to fight him. Must be a guy thing.

Leevan sends you to speak with Indigo (loc -1666, 84, -598), a drolvarg found east of Varis across the water and up on a ledge. He tells you to find 4 tablets. These tablets are within chests in various locations and for each chest you will need to find and obtain a key. They are as follows:

  • First chest is in the Di'zok tower (loc 1261, 416, -1156) in Ryjesium Peaks. Inspect the chest, read the notice posted at the base of the tower and follow it's directions. Fardax (loc 1328, 385, -778) is dead and inside the yeti caves, inspect his body to get the key. Return to the chest and get the tablet.
  • The next chest is in Westin Rouk (loc 832, 376, -1623) in the tower. Inspect the chest then go down behind the tower and speak with Seepay the froglok. He wants you to do some tasks for him so you'll have to go into the mines near the tower(loc 640, 392, -1583) and kill foremen. Then go to Karatun Hold found east of the Highton sokokar. The coin bag looks like a sack and is said to spawn on the stumps in any one of the huts. Return the items to Seepay and he'll unlock the chest for you (he's really slow though). Collect the tablet.
  • The next chest (loc 1477, 165, -2903) is in the tower on the road going to Chardok. Examine it, it is locked. Speak with Historian Holdak who is standing right outside the door from the chest.
    He will ask you to gather petroglyphs from the wurm caves
    (loc 1718, 234, -2051). They only spawned in this one cave for me, so after the first few spawn, you'll need to wait for them to repop. Return to Holdak, then open the chest.
  • Now head to the Sel'Nok towers found on the road to Jarsath Wastes. The chest is in the 2nd tower (loc 2273, 197, 2620). Inspect it, it's locked (Surprise!). Go to the first tower and read the notice behind the vault of Sel'Nok. **You will need to have completed the Di'zokian language quest to be able to read it!!** Kill the mobs here, kill some infiltrators, then open the chest.

You now need to return to Indigo. Talking to him will start a timed ring event. You'll have to kill his friends before you can kill Indigo. When Indigo becomes attackable, he leaps off of the cliff behind him and you are to catch him before he reaches the road. If you don't, you can head back to his spawn point and get another chance, but being able to root him would be a helpful way of keeping him from taking off too far. Once you've killed Indigo, return to Leevan for your reward.

An Ugly Bounty (level 75) - Speak with Captain Sivisk at the very top of the tower in Fens of Nathsar at the Kylong Plains zone. He will continue this quest line for you. Sivisk sends you to Bathezid's Watch to speak with Flaxen (loc 1006, 207, 1233). If you haven't been up here yet, know that there are heroics on the road up and they will attack you without the Bathezid faction.

Flaxen asks you to rescue Threeko from the Lake Ruins. To do this, you need to kill the name Murgurgl (loc 467, -115, 578). He's a level 72^ and on a timer. I watched another group take him then I waited over an hour for him to repop. I've heard it's about 70 minutes. Once you've killed him, go to Threeko and kill the hypnoglobs holding him. The hypnoglobs are a level 71 heroic group. Kill then then hail Threeko. Threeko will only speak with one person at a time, so once he disappears, you have to wait for him to respawn for the next group member to speak with him and get an update. Once you've freed Threeko, return to Flaxen, and then to Captain Sivisk.

You're next task is to retrieve coins from around Fens of Nathsar. Most of these are harvestables found in little boxes; Jaled Dar's Remains in the Field of Bone (loc -1436, -371, -1488). The next is in the Ruins of Cabalis at the feet of Protectis (loc 343, 40, -1418). The next is in the Sarnshak Encampment (loc -992, -203, -968). The last harvestable is in Camp Kromdek near Gregor Thunderfist (loc -872, 292, 1914).

For the ones you have to kill, you'll need Scales, who roams the southern part of The Swamp of No Hope (loc -1191, -143, 1482). Finally, you need Bisbing the Fuzzy inside the Mines of Nurga. If you follow the rails to the open area, his throne room is nearby (loc -103, 49, -2168). Back to Captain Sivisk and Flaxen!

You final task..finally.. (I know you all are as sick of this quest as I am at this point) sends you to Kurn's Tower. Hail and attack the shambling skeleton near the bottom, then make your way up to the top. You'll come upon wave after wave of mobs as you go, kill them then move on up! Defeat the last group (it seems poor Threeko meets his demise at the bottom of the tower) then you are done with these! Return to Flaxen, then speak with the Grand Acumen Ralosk found just east of Flaxen in Bathezid Watch.

Congrats on the completion of this quest line and your new Fable reward!

Thanks to Tallika of Kithicor for the reward screenshots!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016