EverQuest II Leveling Guide

Tier 4 - Growing Up!

Guide By: Savanja

*sniffle* You've grown so big now!

Tier 4 is used to describe your levels 30-39. I always tend to
slow down on these levels, savoring more the quests and zones that this tier has to offer. With a good selection of group and solo content, a versatile player can find plenty to do, but you'll end up spending a lot of time in the two major zones in this tier, just remember to grab those quests, and mix it up so that you don't get bored. And as always, have fun. That's what gaming is all about!


Tier 4 Zones

  • Enchanted Lands
  • Nektropos Castle
  • Zek, The Orcish Wastes
  • Ruins of Varsoon
  • Steamfont Mountains


Group XPing

I suggested the upper levels of the Ruins of Varsoon for your upper 20s, now it's time to dive in deeper to the lower levels. The lower halls of Varsoon are great for group play! The mobs on the lower level are low 30s. It's smart to roam the halls and take out the guardians as you go, then pop into open areas and rooms and clear them. If you stay organized, this is a very efficient and easy way to gain experience for your group.

You'll outgrow Varsoon rather quickly, so moving up in difficulty, there are couple great spots in Zek. A nice area is around the Deathfist mines. Heroic groups gather around there, with solos pathing about. In the upper 30s, there are a whole lot of heroic orcs around deathfist citadel that make for some nice grinding, but I don't care much for Zek, it's dark and dreary and mostly just boring orcs. And I don't find it to be the most useful zone for grouping.

I do like the Enchanted Lands for grouping. There are many great spots (plus the zone is a little less ugly than Zek). For the lower 30s, follow the water from the dock west. Out this way you will find a plethora of interesting mobs. The enraged lashers hang out on the hills near the water and they are very easy to pull to the path safely. A little further up the path, and getting into the mid 30s are defiled villagers (angry little halflings) and ferocious lashers, and if you keep going in that direction, you'll find more angry halflings, heroic treants, and seeds of darkness. This area alone can get a group some great xp without having to waste time wondering all over in search of mobs.

If you head to the northern end of the Enchanted Lands, you can find higher level heroic mobs. Darkflight fairies hang in the trees, they are upper 30s. Near those are the oh so tasty lamias. They are just a little bit of pixilated eye candy while you level. Be sure to do their language quest, because they toss out some very funny insults!

On the northwestern end of this zone, you will find the nightbloods. They are superb for upper 30s leveling. You can kill loads of them (both heroic and solo in this area), do the language quest and the lore & legend quest. These guys can easily get you up to 40 in no time at all. Also feel free to pop into Rivervale in your upper 30s. You won't want to wander too far in without a good, solid group since it is mostly 40+ content, but there are smaller mobs up front.

Another good area for group play during your tier 4 levels, is within Nektropos Castle. I LOVE this place! I cannot find my way around in there for nothing, but lucky for me, I always have someone to follow. It starts in at around level 31 up front, and of course, gets tougher as you go in deeper. Be sure to grab all the quests inside and associated with this zone, and don't get lost!

If you have the Echoes of Faydwer expansion, there are some lovely places that you'll want to visit there as well. The Steamfont Mountains have a great variety of upper 30s to mid 40s mobs that work out well for good groups. You might also want to stop into Crushbone Keep (a lower tier zone) and nab Vindicator Crush who is found inside the Keep within the D'Vinnian Throne Room.


Solo XPing

I have found that they best soloing at these levels happens via the quests on the Zek and Enchanted Lands docks. Both zones have a good amount of quests, some are repeatable. A nice bit of goodness in Zek is the emerald hide armor quests from Hammer, located just inside the gates leading out into the open area of Zek. It's a decent set of leather armor, though it is green and a bit Peter Pan looking.

For soloing in Zek, again get the quests! You'll spend a lot of time killing orcs, which is pretty much all of what Zek is. But luckily for the soloer, there are plenty of orcs of all levels and difficulties all over this zone!

If you head over to The Enchanted Lands, there is a little more variety, but I promise you, you will get sick of hunting badgers. I swear, you need them for soo many of the dock quests. If you'd rather grind than do the quests, then you can head out east along the water edge, and you will find plenty of sea creatures in the water, and fairies on the land all around you, most of which is non aggro, which always helps when you are by your lonesome. If you travel north of the docks, you will run into bears. These are a mixture of heroics and more challenging solo mobs, just remember to pull them to the other side of the water so that you aren't gainging the attention of those unwanted heroic bears.

For mid to higher 30s, you can find the Darkflight and lamias in the solo varieties north of rivervale, near Chomper's Pond. Be sure to get that faerie language quest done!

The Enchanted Land and Zek are both huge zones with things to slay crawling everywhere, and quests at every turn. These are very nice areas to spend time solo since you are able to spread out and explore, and as much as I didn't like Zek, I still went back and forth between both zones, doing quests and grinding solo mobs.

In EoF, the zone tiers are a bit askew. For very early 30s, you can find some great soloing in the Butcherblock Mountains in the Bugbear camps. Too far beyond 32 though and you'll really want to go check out the kolblds in the Steamfont Mountains.


Tier 4 Heritage Quests

Involving a lot of the zones here, there are many tier 4 HQs that are always a great way to get amazing items, boost xp, and get that always helpful status. The following are quests that you might want to start in your 30s, along with links to the Ten Ton Hammer guide on each given quest. Good luck!

  • Restoring Gouhlbane - Swing by Nettleville Hovel and speak with Vida Sweeps to get this quest. Reward: Gouhlbane, a single handed weapon.
  • Training is a Shield - Speak with Grozmag the Trainer near Deathfist Citadel in Zek to initiate this quest. Reward: Shiny Brass Shield.
  • A Missing Mask - This quest in one of the quests that you will find in Nektropos Castle, and can be started after completing the Everling Lockets quest. Reward: Guise of the Deceiver.
  • Foomby's Stolen Goods - Foomby Slopdigger, found along the northern branch of the rive on the east side of your map, gives this quest. Reward: 20 slot bag.
  • Rescue of the Greenhoods - This quest comes from Sashra Thaltalis in Zek, found just north of Three Toes Lake. Reward: Short Sword of Ykesha.
  • The Stein of Moggok: It Can be Rebuilt - For this quest, speak with Rumdum the bartender, found inside the tavern near the East Freeport docks. Reward: The Stein of Moggok.
  • The Reaching Blade of the Assassin - Talk with Leelav Yekl, found along the coast in the Enchanted Lands, just west of the docks. Reward: Serrated Bone Dirk.


Thank you for visiting our Tier 4 leveling guide, happy hunting!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016