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Tier 6 - New Lands to Explore, Part II!

Guide By: Savanja

Having already reviewed where groups might want to spend their time in tier 6 (levels 50-59), we are now going to look at solo play in this tier.

Tier 6 consists mostly of the expansion Desert of Flames. You will need this expansion to progress to level 60. If you happen to have the expansion pack, The Fallen Dynasty, you can progress to level 55 without purchasing Desert of Flames.

Soloing at any level is a challenge, I cannot stress enough how important it is to make it your business to find quests in any zone that you wish to spend time in so that you may stack quest experience with AP experience and quest experience. You'll find soloing much more rewarding this way. Another tip for soloing, is never pass up those collection quests either. If you see a shinie, by golly, you should harvest it! There is a reason why players buy those, they give amazing experience at any level!

Below are my suggestions on where to solo in your 50s. I've always been a regular solo player, so these are all places I've tested out myself. Do keep in mind that soloing will never bring the kind of experience that grouping does, but it offers a certain amount of pride when you make your goals all on your own.


Tier 6 Zones


Solo XPing in Tier 6

The word in soloing at this level is QUESTS! Particularly quests for faction in Maj'dul. In your late 40s, you can start most of the quests that are found at the dock in Sinking Sands. You'll find opposing factions, pick on, and start doing the tasks, and they are repeatable. I ended up spending a lot of my lower 50s running Blades Court faction quests, then quests to get my Maj'dul citizenship so that I could reside there.

For just general grinding out levels, there are so many places that you can go. I never spend all that much time (outside of questing) in Sinking Sands, I much preferred The Pillars of Flame. Right at level 50, you can hang out around the Swiftriders camp and feel relatively safe if you get into trouble with the many scorpions, falcons, flame torrents. You can also pick up a good many quests in the camp that are just excellent. After spending some time there, hop onto the carpet and ride over to Eastern Stinging Isle, and here you will find oodles of harpies! These are nice to solo. Generally, there aren't many people out in this area, and the repop rate is just perfect to clear an area, then move back to where you started and go around again.

And if you're looking for a more scenic place to quest, The Village of Shin is just a beautiful place to hang out. You can grab village quests that familiarize you with the town, give you some great lore knowledge, and even a couple pieces of very nice furniture done in the village style. Stay away from the pig races though, you'll never get any experience if you end up there. If you are mid to upper 50s and want to do some grinding, head into Mystic Lake and slaughter the monkeys by the shrine. They deserve it, I assure you!

And for something totally new...If you have the Echoes of Faydwer expansion, you can play in the always gorgeous Lesser Faydark. This is a nice zone, and very nostalgic if you happen to have ever played EverQuest 1. It's a big, open zone, full of neat things to kill, particularly those horrid brownies. I got my rear beat by them enough in EQ1, that even though I had out level'd this zone, I still went back and slayed a few just for spite.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016