EverQuest II Leveling Guide

Tier 7 Solo - A Whole Lotta Content!

Guide By: Savanja

You've finally made the home stretch towards the level cap and you are finding that it takes FOREVER to get any experience at this level range when you play solo. I believe that most soloers give up and look for groups at this point because it is so difficult, but for those die hard soloers, we are here for you!

Tier 7 describes the levels and zones for level 60-69 and consist primarily of the content included with the expansion "Kingdom of Sky", so you will find that you spend most of your time here. The expansion "Echoes of Faydwer" also has some very nice high end content, so if you have that available to you be sure to utilize it! Do keep in mind that you cannot progress past level 60 without the "Kingdom of Sky" expansion.

I personally did a lot of soloing through my 60s, and aside from just finding a nice spot and grinding out the experience, I found that collections and lore & legends quests were very effective in gaining a decent amount of experience. In fact, I dinged 70 while completing an old L&L that I had never gotten around to finishing!

Below I will list some great places to hunt while solo, and I encourage anyone of this tier to drop me an e-mail and share their favorites locations!


Tier 7 Soloable Zones

Early in your 60s you will likely find yourself playing in Tenebrous Tangle. This zone is more for upper tier 6 than for really effective tier 7 soloing. The islands that have good T7 content are the Ravasect island and the vicious breeding grounds, but they are only really good for the very early 60s. I sometimes still use these areas for solo farming for some easy loot as at level 70, you can burn through these mobs fast with little to no danger.

Continuing through the early 60s to the mid 60s, move on over to the Barren Sky. If you haven't already, this is a good time to pick up your Aviak Lore & Legend and your Aviak language quest (Words of a Feather) so that you can get those done while you are out and about. Those can both be found on Whisperwind Isle. I assure you, that if you spend much time in Barren Sky, you will be killing numerous amounts of Aviaks, and I started out making my way around the Isle of Discord. The mobs on this isle are about 65ish. Around the same level range is the Isle of the Guardians. This isle has a combo of heroics and solo mobs in close quarters, so watch what you are attacking! But they also have the more challenging ^ single up solo mobs as well as the typical solo mobs. Another good spot is the Isle of Aversion if you can stand those weird eyeball creatures, they freak me out!

Mid 60s in the Barren Sky, you'll want to check out the Isle of Awakening and lay waste to some of the droags there or take the portal to The Bonemire for more challenge and fun!

For these upper level areas, 65-70, I really enjoy grabbing some status quests for the Bonemire, which are another great way to spend your time soloing if you'd like to contribute to your guild and gain some status for yourself.

In the Bonemire, the Dreadnever Crash Site has a lovely plethora of quests that can easily be done solo. For random killing mid to late 60s, start out on the Crash Site island with the basilisks and spiders. There are so many of these and they spawn at a nice rate so you won't be spending a whole lot of time waiting on re-pops. There are also Doomwings nearby that are almost all single arrow up solo mobs, all about level 66 and 67.

An absolute favorite soloing spot for me in my mid 60s was the island of Catotoxic Stain. Not many people hang out here, so I almost always had it to myself, and this island seems to have a nice shinie spawn rate (for the collection quests) which is always a nice thing to find while one is out alone.

If you happen to have to "Echoes of Faydwer" expansion, you'll want to check out the Loping Plains. The bulk of quests here are found in the town of Somborn, including the very cool Warg quest that gains you access to the Warg mount.

Questing will always be the quickest way to gain experience at any level, so be sure to grab what you can when you see 'em! Lore & Legend, collection, and language quests are also very helpful because these can all be easily done while you go about your business with grinding, simply choose what mobs you kill in accordance to what quests you have in hand.


I hope the soloers out there found this guide helpful, and happy soloing to you! If you have any questions of concerns, please let me know!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016