Preparing yourself for the Kings Fall raid is essential if you want to avoid repeated deaths and the possible boot your fire team gives you when you can’t land your 18th attempt at the ship jumping area. If you’ve already participated in some of Destiny’s raid content then some of these primers will be familiar to you, but Kings Fall has its own unique challenges that will stump even the most proficient raid goer.

Here are our tips for a successful Kings Fall raid run.

Get Comfortable with Jumping and Platforming

King’s Fall is by far the raid with the most platforming in it in Destiny. There are several different jumping sections, that each have their own quirks you’ll have to prepare for.

For the ship jumping section you’ll need great timing and a high agility rating to make sure you get the vertical height needed for some of the later jumps. You can increase your agility on your sub class perks page.

The pneumatic piston room takes timing and great aim. Some of the platforms you’ll be aiming for are very slim and even the slightest misstep will have you careening off of the walls into the abyss below.

Have a Good Sniper Rifle

If Crota was all about the rockets, King’s Fall is all about the sniper rifles. Every Boss you encounter will have a sweet spot you need to hit from a distance, most of which will be located out of the reach of low ranged weapons. Try to find one with good impact if you can. 1000 Yard Stare is a great legendary for the job because of its high impact and perks that occasionally give you an extra round. You can purchase it from the vanguard vendor in the hanger.

For exotics, the Black Spindle is your best bet and offers a little more stopping power than the Stare with the same perks that refund free rounds of ammunition to keep the damage flowing.

Have a Long Range Primary

Range is the key in Kings Fall so make sure your primary can go the distance as well. A good scout rifle, pulse rifle, or auto rifle with high range is what you’ll be looking for. The raid weapons fill the role especially well but if they don’t seem to be dropping, find one with the highest attack and longest range you can.

Your long range primary will be especially useful during the Sisters and Oryx fight where you will need to clear adds over a large area while remaining somewhat immobile.

Bring Extra Ammo Synths

You’ll be going through a lot of secondary ammunition during the fights and depending on what weapons you’re using, possibly a lot of heavy as well. Make a trip to the ammo synth vendor of your choice and load up on supplies before heading out. Don’t rely on RNGeezus to bail you out with fresh ammo, or you’ll regret it come go time.

Have a Mic

Chances are you won’t even be let into a group without a mic, but always have one plugged in and active when it’s raid time. The final two boss fights especially require good communication from everyone. Save yourself the boot by getting social with your fireteam.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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