Destiny's Crucible game mode Salvage run's a little differently than the other game types in both team size and objectives, but if you're familiar with king of the hill from halo, or Hardpoint from CoD, you'll find this pretty familiar. Each match consists of two teams of three fighting for control over a "Relic" that will spawn in a random location on the map.

The teams then have to get to the relic location and stand near it long enough to deploy a probe which will grant your team 100 points towards your total. You will then have to defend the probe while it does it's probely duties until the timer ticks down.

This process can be interrupted by the enemy team (for a reward of 150 points to them) by simply standing in the relic area, so be sure and keep them at bay. When the timer reaches zero your team is awarded an additional 200 points.

Once the relic has either been fully probed or interrupted by the other team, a new relic will activate somewhere else on the map shortly after. The first team to reach 10,000 points wins the match.

Much like the other game modes in Destiny Salvage awards points towards your total for kills, assists and any other slaying activities you can think; which means you shouldn't just go throwing your life away to protect/ race to an objective as you'll be getting the enemy closer to victory each time you die.  Salvage also allows teammates to revive one another when killed, so keep an eye peeled for enemy revivers or you may end up having to kill players twice.

Tips and Tricks

Revive Revive Revive - If you're coming from Clash or Control you're used to staying dead when you're killed. In Salvage, reviving your teammates is crucial if you're attacking or defending a point and will actually give your team points towards your total. If you are your teammates aren't revived, the spawn points can also be a little unforgiving and start you off on the other side of the map as the objectives.

Overwatch - After you've successfully started transmitting a relic defend it, but take up a position a short distance away from it. The first place attacking players are going to be looking is right at that relic, and if you're there you'll probably end up with three grenades on your head. By taking up an overwatch position you can protect yourself and still keep the enemy off of the relic.

Be Prepared for the Next Relic - When the current relic is gone or about to be gone, get ready to head for the next relic. If your defending and the timer's almost up, consider sending one or two members to other parts of the map in preparation for the next relic. If you're attacking and not getting anywhere, it may be better to just focus on the next one rather than waste your time on one that's as good as transmitted.

Stay Close but not Too Close - With the ability to revive fallen teammates it's a good idea to stay close to them. That being said, the high damage area of effect supers in Destiny and the fact that your team is only three members means you could all be wiped out with one Fist of Havoc if you're all grouped up around the relic. Keep your spacing close enough that it's a short sprint to go and help, but far enough to prevent the "three birds with one stone" effect.

Shotgun Up - For salvage it's always best to equip a shotgun as your secondary weapon. It's close quarters around the relic whether you're attacking or defending making the shotgun's one blast kill invaluable.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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