In World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria we’re going to see non-combat pet interest skyrocket along with Pokemon perhaps outweighing Chuck Norris as the brunt of WoW jokes. This is thanks to the upcoming pet battle system which will allow you to become the awesome bubbling ooze trainer you always wanted to be and fight against the legendary evil, that guy in Orgrimmar who won’t shut up about how awesome his cockroach is.

I brought this image out of retirement to remind us what pet battles will look like once Arthas rolls up on the scene.

So, with patch 4.3 on the servers and a lot of downtime until MoP makes it to retail, we can start collecting these delightful beasts in order to take on Team Arthas, the nefarious group that always comes up to spoil the day. Seriously, Team Rocket might as well hire Kel’thuzad and Arthas to hop into their balloon since they appear enough in Northrend to teach Jesse and James a few tricks. Anyway, grab your pokeballs and, er, I mean, flasks yeah and let’s talk about these too hot to handle pets.

In this rendition of “To Catch Them All” we’re going to head into a place so hot that Team Rocket’s balloon won’t even be able to get anywhere close to the land. That’s the Molten Front and there is no better time to head out there than now, since the daily quest players are all busy in either the Darkmoon Faire or, well, at their local hobby shop taking on “Steve the Mudkip.” Steve, of course, is renowned for beating the elite four with an army of nothing but mudkips.

Before you can catch them all in the Molten Front you’ll need a rudimentary understanding of how the daily quests work. Which, is important, since after all you’ll need to “catch all the daily quests” in order to get all of the pets. It’s a month long journey, but it gives you a great reason to log on every day and have a chat with Malfurion who soon will join the many other daily quest hubs members (those out there in the Netherwing Fields could use someone to go sit with them and play solitaire).

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To avoid the lengthy quest run down I’ll point you towards our excellent Molten Front guide. The key points you’ll want to focus on are all of them, as you’ll need to complete the entire Molten Front to unlock all of the pets. With that, let’s get on to our main stars, the coveted fiery companions that you’ll soon have at your side (and by your side as you take on all the other non-combat combat pet dueling masters!).

How To Obtain the Searing Scorchling

Those of you fortunate enough to take on the terrible elemental, Lord Ahune, before the revamp in 2010 would have had a really good chance at obtaining this fiery companion from his frosty cache. With the event changed you now have to try your stakes at the Celadon City Casi- er I mean Zen’Vorka’s Cache. Zen’Vorka’s cache costs exactly 30 Marks of the World Tree, so once you master the Molten Front you can complete all of the daily quests and turn them in for one chance at the Searing Scorchling. Do note that he has a rather rare drop rate, I’d estimate it at about 1 in 40 but it could take up to 200 tries before you get him. Do not give up hope! In the first Pokemon Tournament, even though all odds were again- awww there I go again.

Anyway, our fiery wonder here does a few neat tricks. First he leaves a trail of fire anywhere he goes and has this random urge to light critters on fire when you pass by. He can’t fly though, so you’re stuck having to stay on the ground. If there were any cat shaped balloons in the area I highly suggest not taking him onboard.

How To Obtain the Crimson Lasher

The Crimson Lasher is a fearful creature that literally drinks molten fire and has an affinity for healing you while out in the Molten Front. To obtain this interesting creature you’ll need to unlock the vendor Ayla Shadowstorm who sells him for 1,200 gold. You should have made that much from the daily quests leading up to your capture of this crazy companion.

The Crimson Lasher just isn’t any normal non-combat pet. It actually has a cool ability to set the area around it on fire. A small fire will start on the ground and burn, which is a pretty neat trick to play while sitting in your capital city.

How To Obtain the Hyjal Bear Cub

There is nothing unique or special about this adorable little guy, but I can say one thing for sure: you have to get him! He’s so cute; I would almost dare say kawaii if we were playing a certain pocket monster game! Anyway, to obtain him you’ll need to unlock Varlan Highbough who will graciously allow you to purchase one for 1,200 gold. Well worth the money.

How To Obtain the Blue / Gold Mini Jouster

These two pets have nothing to do with the Molten Front, Molten Core, or Molten Cheerios but you might as well collect them while collecting the others. They’re from the quest “Egg Wave,” which after completed will award you one of the two pets of your choice (the quest is the jousting quest in Hyjal). You’ll then need to complete the achievement “The ‘Unbeatable?’ Pterodactyl: BEATEN” achievement which requires you to do the daily jousting quest 10 times. After which you’ll get the second one.

Well, that’s the Molten Front non-combat (soon to be combat) pets to keep you company in your adventures! Stay tuned here to Ten Ton Hammer as we explore all of Azeroth’s tall grass to uproot the very best companion pets for your collection.

Did you enjoy the Molten Front or was it too boring? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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