Battlefield 4 is one of the newest shooters out there and we have five interesting tips for MMO players who want to hop into the shooter genre. As you may or may not know, there is a lot of similarities between MMOs and BF4. BF4 has an XP bar and inventory and the goal is to equip and modify better gear that is obtained through leveling up. I mean realistically, the only true difference is that BF4 doesn't run a persistent world, the maps reset instead of being there forever.

#1 - A Class for Every Occasion

Kind of like an MMO, there is a lot of benefit between specializing in one class and becoming the best that you can be at it and also with spreading out and specializing in multiple classes, becoming more useful depending on the situation. There are four classes in BF4 and these four classes boil down to Assault (Medic / heavy assault), Support (ammo / suppression), Recon (sniper), and Engineer (heavy weapons / vehicle support). The best class can boil down to what your objectives are on the map and what your comfort level is with each specific class.

Weapons in BF4

In WoW terms, you can stay with a Rogue and specialize in doing the most DPS of anyone ever, or you could alt out and be more versatile, leveling up a healer and a tank to help when those classes are needed more. With BF4 you'll want to consider if you just want to be one class all of the time or learn all of them and be good at all of the classes as a larger group.

#2 - Skill >? Time

In MMOs you can compensate for a lack of skill by taking more time in getting gear. In a shooter, this works a bit different. Your skill (aiming ability / positioning) is critical and additional gear doesn't help nearly as much as you'd think it would. However, like an MMO, having more unlocks makes you more versatile and having more powerful weaponry can compensate for some things - like a gun with a bigger bullet spread can help with aiming issues by literally spraying the general area with tons of bullets vs. super specific high damage aiming.

#3 - Practice Makes Perfect

Kind of like practice arena games, practice can really help in BF4. One of the biggest things I hear over and over again is "how do I fly a helicopter in Battlefield?" The answer is simple, hop on a practice map with as few people as possible and keep flying it around practicing as much as you can.

Practice shooting as well. For real, you think it sounds lame, but practice. Don't use practice modes either, just keep playing games over and over and over and over until you improve. It makes a world of difference.

#4 - Plan out your Gear

MMO players are known for having huge spreadsheets listing out all of the gear and modifications on their characters and the same applies to the Battlefield series. You should figure out what gun you want, what mods you want for that gun, and what level you need to be to obtain everything. Then consider if you want to enjoy the fun of earning all of it or pay the microtransaction fees to unlock things earlier.

#5 - Level Up your Vehicles

Nothing is worse than getting into a vehicle without all of the available skills. BF3 had the issue of not even giving you flares until you unlock them. Thankfully flares come a bit earlier helping a ton with the "missile lock." There is a ton of equipment available for vehicles, so be sure to level them up!

Hopefully these tips get you started on the path to total domination in Battlefield 4.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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