Destiny's Crucible mode Control is a fast paced team battle where two teams fight for domain over three control points. When captured by your team, these points increase your team's score incrementally, the increment increasing with each additional point you control. Controlling a point will also grant you and your teammates bonus points for each kill you make. One point controlled gives 50 bonus points per kill, 2 or more grants a bonus of 100 points. The first team to reach 20,000 points wins the game.

The three points, A B and C are spaced evenly across each mach with B usually occupying the center. To capture a point players must be within the point's radius which is marked with a flag in the center and ring around that signifying the boundary. If a point is in the control of another team, it will take longer to capture as it first has to be neutralized. If there are an equal number of enemy team members within the capture point zone, it cannot be captured (or lost) until one team has the majority within the area.

Tips and Strategies

The More the Merrier - To make quick work of neutralizing/ capturing a point get as many teammates into the points area. Each guardian within this zone will increase the rate at which it is captured. The faster you capture a point, the faster your team can move onto the next.

Defend - It's tempting to always run straight for where the action is, but if you truly want to do your team a favor consider hanging back and defending an already captured point. Even if you're the only one defending and a whole squad of enemies come to capture, you can at least hold them off until help arrives and take a few down with you slowing their capture rate and point gain.

Don't Defend Right on the Point - What's a more obvious spot for someone to be defending the point than right on it. Get the jump on enemy invaders by hiding a short distance away from the point you are defending and springing your trap when they think they're all alone.

Mount Up - You bring your sparrow to the battle for a reason, it's a great way to quickly move from one point to another whether it be to attack or beef up defence for an incoming assault. If you find yourself bogged down by the enemy team, jump on your sparrow and skirt around them for a back cap. Even if you don't get the capture it will force them to split their attention, taking the pressure off of the rest of your team.

Grenade Out - When going on the offensive, try to catch sneaky defenders by tossing a grenade into the capture zone before going in yourself. You'd be surprised how many shotgun wielding guardians you'll find crouched behind a crate.

Kills and Assists are Good Too - While the name of the game is control, killing an enemy combatant will also add points to the overall match total. Not only that, but the more control points you have captured, the more points you will receive for each kill. Two points gives 100 for each kill, and 1 point 50. This is of course in addition to the other bonus points you can receive for a kill such as head shots, super kills, melee kills etc.

Keep an Eye on the Tracker - You're best friend in the Crucible is the tracker. Whether your defending or attacking, knowing the direction of enemy movement is always important information. Be careful though, a crouched enemy will only ping your tracker intermittently so keep a close eye.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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