Two for the Price of One

Tonight brings you two entries for DDO Top 10 Week at Ten Ton Hammer!

The #1s

This list compiled by Zed offers his ten best reasons to play DDO:

6. Real traps and puzzles

Traps will kill. DDO’s traps are lethal traps that, if tackled
badly, can seriously damage your character. Yet, most traps throughout
the game can be disarmed using the right Skills (more later). Puzzles,
too, can be ingenious tests of memory recall—or if you’re like the
writer, sheer luck by pulling a lever until something glows.

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The B Sides

This list compiled by Darkgolem addresses the ten problems with DDO:

4. Finish Classes

I understand no druids, and I understand no monks to start off
with. There are whole new creatures to design for anything involving
shape changing, and monks involve complex animation and collision
detection. But the game needs them; they are a part of the Eberron and
(in fact) any D&D setting, and DDO won’t be a full D&D setting
until these classes are added. And artificers are missing from Eberron?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016