Torvus Woods is a region of dense, flourishing forestlands and is home to a
large number of mystersiou and mythical beasts.

  • The region has long been a major attraction to Roman hunters and trappers
    in search of rare furst and hides, including the legendary Torquatas, perhaps
    the most famous hunter in all of Latium.

  • Rumors indicate that something dreadful happened to the Samnite tribes
    that formerly dwelled in the east, and many inhabitants of the town of
    Venafrum, on Torvus Woods western boundary, have growin increasingly fearful
    that the same fate awaits them.

The root of the region's troubles definitely seems to be centereed somewhere
aroudn the eastern fringes of the forest, since all things living there -
animals, creatures, and humans alike - seem to be particurlarly vicious and mad.
In addition it seems that many of them are undead - which helps explain why
they're so ornery!

Levels 34-41

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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