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Needed for "By Hook or by ..."
(Hierophant's Crook heritage quest)
DESIGNTIMESP=" 13260="" bold="">, only one group member
must have access

See Bindo Halfbottom to initiate this quest (he's at
Rivervale's Fool's Gold, the building straight in from the EL zone
in). First, you'll need to rescue Treedin Merrythorn, held captive
upstairs at the old mill in EL. Clear the groups of goblins in order to
hail him and get your update.  Return to Bindo in RV, who sends
you back
to EL to talk to Treedin (loc: -100, -25, -89).

Treedin wants you to search the House of Circles (-820, -7, -115
-along the path where you first start to see lamias and nightbloods)
for clues.  Keep your group together, four Vale Destroyers will
pop and attack as you approach the house.  After you've disposed
of them, enter the house and click all three of the clickable stacks
of books.  It will take a bit of searching, but after you examine
all three, a book will pop.  Hail it, and it will ask you to
kill Alegos the Betrayer, Xelindros the Fearbringer, and Demeroth the
Gnawer in Rivervale. These are named Nightbloods and pop east of the
House of Circles along the zone wall.

The rest is just footwork.  Treedin will send you to speak
to Mister Jumtum in Antonica (-1450, -15, +15, a little hobbit house
nearthe Glade of the Coven). He sends you back to Treedin,  who
wantsto meet you at the Tower of the Drafling (-480, +21, +40).
Approach with caution, the bixies around the entrance have a long
aggro range.  Hail Treedin to complete the quest and receive
access (plus your choice of a dual-wield knife or a +INT wrist item).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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