You look like you need some general survival tips.

As the Tabula Rasa pre-order launch continues, Ten Ton Hammer is ready with a barrage of up to date guides to help you through the dangerous Concordia Wilderness. The Lower Eloh area will provide a number of missions taking you to Pinhole Caverns, Alia Das, and the middle of a Bane controlled battlefield. Let us show you where to find Logos, how to complete objectives, and provide general survival tips in this guide.

Lower Eloh Creek is nothing more than a defensive position west of Alia Das and north of the Wilderness LZ. These are the frontlines of a major assault by the Bane, and provide ample opportunity for players to get into battle quickly. This will be the focal point of a number of missions from the Lower Eloh teleporter area, Alia Das, and Wilderness LZ. It is designed for characters over level 5 and unless there are a significant number of players clearing the area, you may find it extremely dangerous.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016