Grim Reaper? They're almost as original as the US gov't at creative mission names.

Mount up soldier, because it's time to take the fight to the Bane! In this instance you'll be assaulting the Pravus Research Facility where strange experiments are being conducted, not to mention investigate the origins of the creepy looking Machina. Let Ten Ton Hammer be your guide to all the missions and tricks you need for successful completion of this area.

The Pravus Research area is a secret Bane facility nestled in the Concordia mountains north of Ranja Gorge. This heavily fortified area is prepared to defend against any attack by AFS forces. The type of research currently in progress is unknown, but is believed to be associated with Machina which plague the Wilderness area. Your mission is link up with Lt. Perkins and assist in any way possible with an assault on the facility and stop the Bane at all costs. The codename for this operation is Grim Reaper.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016