By "gentle" wilderness, we mean "slightly less deadly than this new place."

Has your character moved on from the gentle Wilderness to the great Divide? Don't go in unprepared, join Ten Ton Hammer as they explore the various locations of Concordia Divide including a breakdown of which areas will provide you missions, and where you can find all the Logos.

The main area of operations will be the AFS base located in the middle portion of the zone. Providing the most abundant AFS presence on Foreas it's also the home of central command, whose sole purpose is to organize military operations against the Bane. Amidst the towering walls you'll find large weapon and armor shops, an advanced medical facility and footlockers for storing personal items. Some of the more unusual areas are a Tavern, a command tower, and a detention center for holding prisoners.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016