Just pass your Taco Bell over this way and I'll... take care of it... for you.

Tabula Rasa's Wilderness LZ and Memory Tree area aren't for the weak of heart. With continual Bane incursions, this is not a place to go AFK and reheat your Taco Bell, soldier! RadarX has put together a briefing of everything you need to know about completing your missions, finding Logos, and staying alive. Good hunting!

Wilderness LZ is an AFS landing zone located south of the Lower Eloh defensive position. While moderately safe, keep in mind this is a control point meaning the Bane not only attack, but frequently overrun this position shutting down nifty things like "teleporters" and "hospitals." The nearby Memory Tree is an important and mysterious location atop a hill heavily assailed by Bane forces and fiercely defended by Foreans. There are no amenities such as a vendor there Tree but you'll have a few missions that take you to this location.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016