With the changes that came to World of Warcraft classes with Patch 3.0.2 Beastmaster Hunters were granted access to a wider range of creatures as pets.  These new pets are called exotic pets and can come in various sizes and shapes.  They range from lowly worms, through gigantic devilsaurs, to flying chimeras, to the insect-like Silithids and many more.

The ones that everyone really wants to get as pets though are the devilsaur and a core hound.  That’s where this guide steps in to help you get that hunter pet that looks cool and will help you blend in with all the other beastmaster hunters. After all you can’t keep that cat anymore now that you can have something bigger, can you?


A trained white

Let’s start with the Devilsaur because he is pretty easy to get, just head over to Ungoro Crater and search for one to tame.  Its funny how it works but when you were not looking for them while levelling they seemed like they were always around, now that you want one, they seem very hard to find.  Oh well, that’s how things seem to work. 

There are a few patrol paths that they take, the ones along the south or the north of the zones are usually the easiest to find though.  Just wander the area and you will eventually find one.  There are several color variations that can be spawned including an albino one that is all white.  If you find one that you do not like, you can force a new one to spawn by killing the old one, although it may be polite to ask in general chat if anyone else is looking for one of that color before doing so.

Devisaurs have interrupts so it may take a few attempts to train one, just keep feign death ready.  If your health falls too low, feign death, heal and then re-try.

Core hounds

The first thing to figure out once you decide that you want a core hound is which one.  There are currently three core hound models in the game.  There is the original core hound that we all know and hate from the Molten Core.  You know the ones that always snuck up on a group of 40 raiders and wiped you while learning the Molten Core raid way back at level 60.  However there is also a glowing green horned version called Uvuros in Shadowmoon Valley, and a white wolf/dog version called Kurken available from the Draenai starting area. 

The easiest to get is the white dog version (Kurken) from the Draenai area as there is no chance of getting hurt there as a level 70 hunter.  He is without doubt the cutest of the three and has affectionately been nicknamed “The Puppy Dog of Doom” by everyone’s favourite hunter Blogger, the Big Red Kitty.  The hardest part is actually locating him and waiting in line to train him.  He is found in a cave in the northern part of the Azuremyst Isle in Stillpine Hold at 49,12.

The second easiest core hound to get is the level 70 elite green version in Shadowmoon Valley called Uvuros.  While he is slightly harder to survive through his attacks, many players consider him easier to get due to being easily available outside of a raid.  He can be found at 50,53 in Shadowmoon Valley on top of a mountain area.

A trained Uvuros

Since Uvuros is a 70 elite and hits very hard, you need some preparation to tame him.  Ideally you need some assistance, but I have seen people solo train him.  In preparation make sure you have every available health buff, and have your best stamina gear on (PvP gear works well).  Next make sure you have aura of the monkey up and you are ready to activate deterrence.  Once you are ready have any healer you can put HoTs (healing over time) up on you, a shield and a fear ward if possible. Pull with a hard hitting attack so that you have enough aggro to keep him on you through the HoT ticks.  Once he gets to you activate deterrence and then start training him.  If things go well you should have him trained with roughly 20% health remaining.  If things do not go well feign death and have your friends run away to reset him.  It sometimes takes a few attempts, but with a priest or druid helping with initial HoTs he is quite easy to get.  Remember though that healing during taming will break the tame attempt, other than the initial HoTs.

The original core hound from Molten Core that everyone wants and remembers from Molten Core is slightly more difficult to get.  The main difficulty is actually getting to him with a group.  The easiest way to get one is have a group of friends come and help clear the first several groups in the Molten Core.  With a raid tank, 2 DPS, and a healer the giants, surgers and flame elementals are all pretty easy to 3-5 man.  Clear the groups until you get to a core hound. At this point follow the same process as above from Uvuros to buff and establish initial aggro to tame him.

If you want you can also attempt to train him with only the help of a druid friend.  All you need to do is enter the zone, run past the giants and jump off to the right into the lava at the bottom.  From there make your way to the edge of the rock and feign death.  This will reset the giants.  You druid friend just needs to stealth down to you avoiding combat.  Once there you can be buffed and there is a spot where you can avoid other creatures and still intercept two core hound patrols.  When one comes by your friend places HoTs on you and then enters stealth again to avoid combat.  You then pull the core hound and tame him.  If you are about to fail, try to feign death, or have your friend resurrect you if you die, and attempt it again.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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