The second encounter in the Trial of the Crusader raid starts off when a lowly Gnome Warlock comes out to summon a felguard for your group to fight.  Something, however, goes horribly wrong, as it usually does when a Gnome is involved, and mayhem ensues.  Instead of a felguard, a demon lord is summoned.  Your raid must therefore defeat the fearsome Lord Jaraxxus to move on in the Coliseum.

Lord Jaraxxus has a plethora of nasty attacks that will keep the healers busy.  However, in most regards this is a fairly simple fight if your group has solid healers and DPS that can switch targets and focus down adds quickly.


10 Person Raid: Body - 4,200,000 health
25 Person Raid: Body – 20,000,000 heath


Incinerate Flesh – Jaraxxus targets a random player for this spell.  It absorbs the next 60,000 healing (30,000 in 10 player raids) done to the player and lowers the damage they cause by 50% for the next 12 seconds.  If it is not removed in that time by over healing the absorbed amount then the player will suffer the Burning Inferno effect.

Burning Inferno – A player suffers this effect if incinerate flesh is not healed through.  Burning Inferno deal roughly 4,000 fire damage to everyone in the raid each second for 5 seconds.

Nether Power – This is a buff that Jaraxxus applies to himself that boosts his damage output by 20% per stack.  He applies 10 stacks to himself in 25 player raids and 5 stacks in 10 player raids.  It can be purged, spellstolen, and dispelled.

Fel Fireball – This spell hits the tank for roughly 25,000 fire damage and applies a DOT effect that burns the player for roughly 10,000 fire damage per second for an additional 5 seconds.  It takes hi 2 seconds to cast this spell and it is interuptable and the DOT effect is removable as well.

Fel Lightning – This is a chain lightning spell that his the first target for roughly 12,000 fire damage and then tries to bounce to another player within 10 yards.  If it does it will hit this second player for roughly 18,000 damage.

Touch of Jaraxxus – Jaraxxus will select one random player to place this curse on.  The curse deals roughly 4,000 damage per second to the player for 15 seconds.  In addition, anyone that comes within 10 yards will be hit and suffer a side effect called Curse of the Nether.

Curse of the Nether – Anyone that suffers from this will take roughly 4,500 shadow damage per second for 15 seconds.

Legion Flame – Jaraxxus casts this spell on a random player.  Once hit you will suffer roughly 3,000 fire damage per second for 6 seconds.  In addition, every second you also drop a pool of fire at your feet that will remain there for roughly 30 seconds and burn anyone in it for the same damage per second.

Infernal Eruption – Occasionally Jaraxxus will summon up a volcano through which Infernals spawn.  When the volcano is summoned anyone within 10 yards will suffer roughly 10,000 fire damage.

Mistress of Pain


10 Person Raid: Body – 600,000 health
25 Person Raid: Body – 1,500,000 heath


Pain Spike – The Mistress of Pain will select a target at random and leap to it.  When she hits the player they suffer an attack that does 50% of their health as damage.  Once she hits them she runs back to whomever has the most threat against her.

Fel Flame Infernals


10 Person Raid: Body – 150,000 health
25 Person Raid: Body – 400,000 heath


Fel Charge – Occasionally the Infernal will select a random target and turn into a ball of rock.  They then launch at the new target and once there begin channeling an inferno spell.  This deals roughly 5,000 fire damage per second.


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The fight with Lord Jaraxxus is one that requires a lot of healing and coordinated DPS.  The fight itself, though, is fairly simple. Tank the boss, off-tank picks up adds and DPS burns them down before getting back on the boss.  Healers have the hardest job due to all of the damage being put out.  Once the tank picks up Lord Jaraxxus, DPS has a little time to focus on him before the first wave of additional demons get summoned into the fight. 

Over the course of the whole fight there are several key things that need to be handled.  First, someone needs to be assigned to interrupt  Jaraxxus’s Fel Fireball.  This is the ability that will do the most damage to the tank and can single shot any tank if Jaraxxus has a full stack of the Nether Power buff.  A single rogue can usually handle this job as long as they don’t get sidetracked.

Secondly, players need to be assigned to remove the Nether Power buff as soon as it is cast by Jaraxxus.  This can be a Shaman, Mage, or Priest all using their remove magic abilities. In 25 player raids this is absolutely critical since Jaraxxus will be causing 200% bonus damage while the buff is fully up.  If the buff stays up for any length of time, Jaraxxus will quickly wipe the raid.

Thirdly, as soon as a player gets the Legion Flame they need to start moving away from everyone else as quickly as possible in as direct a path as possible.  If players do not move they will quickly die due to the fire pools that spawn under them.  If they move erratically they will leave a fire trail in other players’ paths and cause issues for the rest of the raid.

Lastly, ranged players need to stay spread out as much as possible.  When Fel Lightning is cast it will bounce from player to player inflicting more damage to each successive target.  If it bounces more than once, you are generally going to be very close to losing anyone it hits.

The fight is further complicated by two different types of demons that Jaraxxus can summon into the fight to assist him.  The first is the Mistress of Pain.  This succubus based demon comes out of a portal and while agro can be held, will occasionally leap to another target inflicting 50% of that targets health in damage, before leaping back to the tank.  Mistresses are summoned every 2 minutes, starting one minute after Jaraxxus is engaged.

The other type of demons that are summoned are Fel Infernos.  These are summoned through a volcano that Jaraxxus raises out of the ground in the coliseum.  Several Fel Infernos will leap out of the volcanoes and need to be picked up and tanked by the off tank.  They will however occasionally charge out towards a random player and then plant and start casting an AoE fire damage spell.  Players need to get away from any Inferno that charges them and allow the off tank to pick them back up.  Since there will be several bouncing around it is critical that the adds be marked and burned down one at a time in quick order.  The Fel Infernals are summoned into the fight every 2 minutes, starting 2 minutes after Jaraxxus is engaged.

The above describes the entire fight.  Rotate between DPS on the demons and Jaraxxus while avoiding the abilities.  It may sound complicated but once players get used to the fight it is fairly simple.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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