The fourth encounter in the Trial of the Crusader raid is a fun and challenging one against the Twin Valkyr Fjola Lightbase and Edyis Darkbane.  The two appear in opposite white and black angelic forms.  While they are two separate entities they share a single health pool and when you defeat one the other goes down as well.


10 Person Raid:  5,800,000 Health
25 Person Raid: 28,000,000 Health


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The Twin Valkyr

Both Valkyr have roughly the same abilities but with different names.  Edyis Darkbane has all of the “Darkness” abilities while Fjola Lightbane has all of the “Light” abilities.

Empowered Darkness / Light – This ability increases the damage done to targets with the opposite attunement as the twin by 100% for 20 seconds.  Example: Fjola Lightbane hitting a Dark attuned player.  The twins use this ability if they are allowed to catch too many of the orbs that are spiraling in from the outside of the coliseum.

Shield of Darkness / Light – This is a shield that forms over one of the twins and protects her from damage.  It absorbs roughly 250,000 damage (50,000 in 10 player raids) and protects spells from being interrupted.  It lasts 15 seconds.

Twin’s Pact – This is a huge heal that either twin can cast.  They start casting it immediately after casting Shield of Darkness / Light.  It has a 15 second cast time and if completed will heal the twins for 20% of their health.

Dark / Light Vortex – This is a very damaging AoE spell that hits everyone for roughly 6,000 damage per second for 5 seconds.  It takes the twin roughly 6 seconds to cast the spell before damage starts.

Surge of Darkness / Light – This ability hits anyone near one of the twins that has an opposite color than hers, doing roughly 1,500 damage (1,000 in 10 player) every 2 seconds.

Touch of Darkness / Light – This attack does roughly 5,000 damage (3,000 in 10 player raids) to the target if they are the opposite color than her.  If you are the same color as the sister that targets you, then you will suffer no damage.

Unleashed Darkness / Light – This is another AoE attack that the twins possess that inflicts large damage to anyone near her when cast.  It does roughly 12,000 damage (8,000 in 10 player raids) to anyone within 10 yards.

Twin Spike – This attack does double damage to the tank and places a debuff on the target that increases damage taken by 20% for 15 seconds.  This debuff can stack.


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Light and Dark Portals

The fight against the Twin Valkyrs is a very fun, strategy filled fight, especially after the chaotic hell that is the Faction Champions fight.  The fight is almost entirely about strategy, raid placement, and maneuvering, and once a raid figures it out is fairly simple.

Before starting the fight, the raid needs to be split into two groups, each of roughly even strength with a tank, healers and DPS.  They then need to form up on each side of the room, left or right.

The coliseum will spawn four portals when the event is started, two on each side.  On the left side closest to the entrance door there will be a white portal and at the far side, closest to the boss entry gate, there will be a black portal.  On the right hand side the portals are reversed.  When the bosses enter the fight Edyis Darkbane will enter on the left and Fjola Lightbase on the right.  All directions are based on facing the large gates where the bosses enter the fight.

When you click on one of the portals you gain a buff from that portal that protects you from damage of that colour and amplifies your damage against the opposite colour.  So if you are buffed with white you do extra damage versus the black boss and take reduced damage from the white boss. 

Once the fight starts small white and black orbs will also form along the outer wall of the room and float inwards.  If they touch a player or boss of their colour, they grant a stacking buff to that player or boss.  If they touch a player of the opposite colour they explode causing AoE damage.

[protip]Even though the buff you gain from collecting the orbs is nice, if you just focus on the Twins they will go down fast enough. Sometimes by chasing the orbs players will get distracted and lose track of the fight and the main abilities. This chance and the loss of DPS from having to constantly move negates the benifit of the buff you gain.[/protip]

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A fallen angel

With all this laid out, the fight as described for the black side, which is the left side when facing the bosses entry point, would be:

  • Grab the white buff
  • Move to black portal and fight Edyis Barkbane near it
  • DPS players should move around to intercept the white orbs floating into the bosses area.  Do not go out of your way to collect them but don’t let them reach the boss.
  • Avoid the black orbs or you will take AoE damage.
  • DPS Edyis until one of the following occurs:
    • If Twins Pact is cast, DPS burns through it and interrupts the cast before Edyis heals.
    • If Dark Vortex is cast click on the black portal to change buffs and run to the white portal.  Once the Vortex is done being cast, click the white portal and move back to Edyis and resume the normal fight sequence.

If you are on the White side, the right side of the room, the colors are reversed but the fight remains the same.

It will take an attempt or two for players to get used to the movement involved and switching buffs, however once they do this fight is one of the easier ones in the instance. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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