After finishing your journeys on Telchinos Island, you'll arrive here to further your adventures. However, don't expect to find rest in this lawless land. Between the

smugglers, pirates, and the corrupt local government, you'll have your hands full! These are not the only dangers here however...

Areas of Interest


Ostia is the primary seaport for Rome, and is extremely vital to the Republic's economy. While the city itself is lively, there's far more to explore in the lush, tropical

jungles and seaside locales surrounding it. The only individual in this city that seems to care about bringing peace to this area is Honorius Nauticus, the head of the Roman


Shanty Town

In this rather run-down area, you can defend the poor from the Phorcids and Caedes. While cleaning out the troublemakers and thugs shouldn't be too hard for a brave hero, those

Phorcides are another matter entirely...

Ostia Harbor

The harbor and attached docks are the life's blood of Ostia. This has attracted some of the more unsavory individuals who blend in amongst those working hard here for the



A harbor without a lighthouse is unheard of, yet Ostia's is no longer a safe place to wander. Nobody's sure who or what is occupying the lighthouse now, but whatever is there

is enough to keep folks from going near it. Perhaps a hero could find the answer and live to tell about it?

Amnicola Hideout

So you think you've found this infamous hideout? Well then, do you have what it takes to enter it and rout the ruffians within or will you seek your adventure and glory


Shrine of Ops

This long abandoned shrine...Uhhhh...wait a second. Who's that over there? Maybe this place isn't as abandoned as we'd been led to believe...


The salt flats of Salinae are truly inhospitable. With crocodiles and scorpions wandering the area, you'd better make sure you bring some healing power along, especially

someone that can cure the scorpions' venom.

Occulo Cavern

Take care when wanering in this area. The Centaurs that have made their home here aren't keen on visitors. Still, they'll be quite happy to demonstrate their skill at impaling

humans on you, if you like.

Nebulosus Vales

A band of pirates has settled here, and built up a large settlement. While the entrance sees much Jackal activity, the settlement itself is flooded with pirates. Should you go

inside, you can expect to be made to feel most unwelcome.

Abrodo Pass

The Jackals here roam in search of food and shelter. Caution is advised lest they put you on the menu! These sneaky beasts may decide to sneak up behind you for a little "rump

roast", so watch your back!

Fregena Shores

This once serene beach is now little more than a chaotic mess. Tougher Phorcids than those you encountered around Shanty Town live here, making the shipwrecks that dot the

coast hard to reach. However there are rumors of great plunder within those ships...

Smuggler's Guard

This secluded area is home to a number of smugglers. The nooks and crannies you come across may contain great riches, or an unruly smuggler who thinks what you have would be

great in his collection.

Volturnus' Rest

While this is one of the mosh lush and tropical areas on the Tyrrhenian Shores, it's also infested with Phorcid nests. You'll have to be wary of, not only patrols, but angry

parents as well!

Aeneas' Landing

After proceeding around the cliffs, you'll soon find the base of a lookout tower, which is inhabited by some inhospitable pirates. If you're brave enough to venture still

deeper into this place, you'll run afoul of the rest of the encampment. But be wary as they are well entrneched and ready for your arrival.

Canen's End

A number of small farms used to stand here, but, when the pirates moved in, they destroyed everything, erecting a tent along the river side. This provides them with easy

navigation up and down to the pirate camps. One of the pirate leaders makes his home here, although we're not sure who he is. It will take some brave souls to dig him out and

deal with him!

Marcian Ruins

A former Greek fortress, this area has been all but destroyed, and cursed to boot! Death and decay is all that remains here, all waiting to add your decaying remains to the

local decor.

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