Upon Further Review (UFR)

Shayalyn is the only perfect one of us here at DDO at Ten Ton Hammer.
The rest of use make mistakes or fail to anticipate how changes to the
game will affect future gameplay. When these things occur, we like to
take a look back and make things right. Wherever you see the UFR label,
you see my changes since this guide originally posted:

Otto's Resistible Dance

The helpful folks at the DDO
official forums pointed out that I didn't
give this spell a fair shake. I picked it up on a spare bard I had
lying around and gave it another whirl. The duration of Otto's
increases as you level, so its very low value at the beginning of your
toon's life transforms into a must-have spell. Attacking the affected
monster does not break the spell, and it works on myriad enemies. My
advice is to take Otto's for your 3rd first level spell. By then
(character level 3), it will last long enough to serve you well. When
you hit the end game, you'll be glad you grabbed it as you watch some
of DDO's fiercest enemies dance while you hack them to bits.

Rating: 1

UFR Rating: 5

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016