What could possibly be worse than a system of caves full of Warnets zapping you? A system of caves full of Warnets that connects to a Bane facility. Ten Ton Hammer recently updated this guide to include information needed for the new Tabula Rasa Forean Hybrid Access Missions.

High on a ridge overlooking the Delta Outpost a sinister cavern awaits you and your squad. You'll want to bring more than a flashlight and some glowsticks for the gloomy Minos Caverns as you'll encounter a number of Warnets waiting to electrocute you. A brave AFS reconnaissance team has been sent in to explore the area but we've lost contact so it's your mission to find out what happened to them. You'll find beyond the swarming Warnets lies a deeper darker secret you may not be prepared for.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016