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Frost Tomb
- This spell hits
a random party member and freezes them in place for 20 seconds. During
that time it causes damage, 400 per second in normal mode and 2000 per
second in heroic mode. The tomb itself has roughly 2,500 health and
should be attacked to be destroyed. Being ice, it is immune to frost

Shadow Bolt
- These bolts
have a 40 yard range and hit for 3000 to 4000 on normal mode and 6000
to 8000 damage on heroic. The damage is shadow based and can be
partially resisted.

- Shortly
after the fight starts Keleseth will summon 5 skeletons to his aid.
They have relatively low HP at less than 3,000 and do not hit very
hard. They can be crowd controlled, and when they die they will be
resurrected again shortly after.


The tank should engage Prince Keleseth where he is pacing
back and forth on the far side of the table. Since he is a caster it is
difficult to move him when tanking him and he should be engaged at his
furthest right position. Players should all stand behind the tank and
directly away from the doorway. This allows the tank to more easily
grab the skeleton adds that are summoned from the far doorway.

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Once engaged Prince Keleseth will attack back for a short
while and then summon the skeletons into the fight. The tank must grab
them as they enter the room and hold them from attacking your healer.
If the tank is able to hold them, there is no real need to kill them as
they will just respawn. However, if the tank is having issues or you
just want to be really safe you can AOE them down and return to the
boss. They will resurrect in roughly 20 seconds though so the tank
needs to be ready to grab their attention again.

Throughout the fight Prince Keleseth will also be targeting
random players to place in a frost tomb. Once hit with this spell
players are powerless and must be either healed through the damage or
freed. DPS players should quickly switch and can usually free a player
in a few hits before returning to the boss.

Players should stay grouped up as much as possible and close
to the tank for this fight. Doing this will make the fight easier since
the tank will always be close by to get threat back on a skeleton that
aggros another player, and ensure that everyone is close by so that if
they are frost tombed other players can help free them quickly.

From that point on the fight is a matter of the tank holding
threat off of the other players, helping on frost tombs, and picking up
the skeletons each time they are resurrected.

style="color: rgb(29, 66, 136); font-size: 14pt; font-weight: bold;"> name="Skarvald">Skarvald
the Constructor and Dalronn the Controller

Abilities - Dalronn

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- Casts a shadow bolt that will sometimes attack a
random target. Hits for roughly 3000 in normal mode and up to 6000 in
heroic mode.

Skeletons (Heroic Only)
On heroic mode Dalronn will occasionally summon skeleton adds. These
spawn with relatively low health do not do significant damage.

Abilities - Skarvald the Constructor

- Skarvald randomly
charges a player at distance hitting them for roughly 3,000 damage on
normal and 8,000 on heroic. This attack knocks the target down stunning
them for 2 seconds. After the charge out to a player he will return to
the highest threat player, which should be the tank. On normal mode he
will only intercept to players at least 10 yards away. On heroic mode
it can be anyone regardless of ranged.

Stone Strike
- This attack
knocks back the player hit.

Dalronn and Skarvald Abilities in Ghost Form

After either one has been killed they will come back to life
in ghost form until the other one has also been killed. While in ghost
form both gain the following abilities.

  • Attacks targets randomly
  • Can not be damaged
  • Can not be taunted


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killing either ahead of the other results in having a ghost attacking
random players for the rest of the fight, the best strategy is to kill
both at roughly the same time. To do this the tank should engage both
of them where they start and hold them there. Target and dps one of
them first, it really doesn’t matter which although most
players choose Dalronn first since he is the caster, and drop that
target to about 10-15% health. Once at that point, all players switch
over to the other target and kill it, then return to the first target
and finish it off. By doing it this way you can drop the second target
very quickly after the first and will not have to deal with a ghost
that can not be tanked.

On normal mode players should cluster near the tank so that
Skarvald does not charge out at them. On heroic mode he can charge you
regardless of distance so it is better for ranged players to keep range
since he will lose time damaging players while he spends time running
back to the tank.

On heroic mode the tank needs to ensure they grab the adds
when summoned. The other option is to have DPS switch to them quickly
and kill them before they need to be tanked.

style="color: rgb(29, 66, 136); font-size: 14pt; font-weight: bold;"> name="Ingvar">Ingvar
the Plunderer

Abilities - Live Phase

Cleave -
This attack hits
for 150% of normal damage and hits everyone in Ingvar’s front

Enrage - This
is a stacking
buff that increases attack speed and size by 5% per stack. It can stack
up to 50 times.

href="" target="_blank"> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 200px; float: right;" alt=""
- This is a devasting attack that hits everyone in his
front arc up to 10 yards away for up to 12,000 damage on normal and
22,000 on heroic mode. It has a 3 second cast time though, and is easy
to avoid as he does not change facing one he starts to cast it. Either
run through him to the opposite side, or strafe away from his front arc.

Roar -
This attack
hits everyone within line of sight and within 60 yards. It does roughly
3,000 damage and interrupts spell casts for a short time. It has a 2
second cast and if healers are quick they can strafe behind a pillar to
avoid it’s effects.

Abilities - Undead Phase

Dark Smash -
This is his
undead version of smash. It deals slightly less damage to the front arc
at up to 11,000, but also deals about 2,000 damage to everyone around
him. In heroic mode the damage caused is up to 22, 000 in the front arc
and the same 2,000 all around. The front arc damage can still be
avoided, but the AOE portion around him can not be. On heroic the large
frontal damage affects everyone all the way around him that is within
10 yards.

Dreadful Roar
- This is the
undead version of his staggering roar, it however does more damage at
up to roughly 4,000 damage which is shadow based. It interrupts spell
casting for slightly longer and places a debuff on its targets. The
debuff stacks and each stack makes the player take an additional 5%
shadow damage.

Woe Strike -
This attack
does double his normal melee attack damage and places a debuff on the
target. The debuff causes any healing done to the player to reflect
shadow damage back at the healer. On normal it is roughly 1,500 shadow
damage per heal. The debuff lasts 20 seconds or until dispelled.

Shadow Axe -
At various
points throughout the fight Ingvar will throw a shadow axe at a random
target in the party. The axe spins around the target for 10 seconds
causing about 2000 damage per second to that person and anyone nearby.


The fight is essentially the same in both phases. The tank
needs to engage Ingvar and holds him facing away from the rest of the
party. Melee DPS engages him from behind and everyone watches threat
through phase one. Anytime smash is cast the tank strafes sideways out
of range, and then back into position as soon as it is over. Most
groups do not have issues with phase 1.

target="_blank"> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 200px; float: left;" alt=""
Ingvar is defeated his body lies there for a few seconds and then is
resurrected by Annhylde the Caller, who is an angel looking creature
that descends to bring him back to life. At this point that tank picks
up Ingvar again and hold him facing away. When dark smash is cast all
melee, not just the tank, need to get 10 yards or more away from him.
Once over they can reposition and start damaging again.

When the axe is thrown at somebody the healer needs to split
duty and keep that person as well as the tank alive. All other players
need to move away from the affected player so they do not take damage
as well. The axe will follow the affected person, but slowly, so they
too should move away from it to minimize damage.

Since dark smash does an AOE many tanks find it beneficial to
tank Ingvar by one of the pillars in the room and strafe sideways
behind one when he casts it. All other players can do the same. With
coordination this can work well, the only issue is ensuring that
players come back out in time so the healer still has LOS to them.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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