Venatrix Glades offers plenty of excitement for the adventurer bold enough to enter, and plenty of reward to those lucky enough to make it back out! For instance, a Great Glades

Bruin-skin rug would look great in that home you've been wanting to buy in Rome. Of course, if you're not motivated solely by greed you could help make Venatrix Glades a safer

place for your fellow Romans who are living there. Either way, keep your wits about you and know that wits alone will not be enough.

Areas of Interest

Diana's Mirror

This tranquil pond seems quiet enough; fishing boats floating in the water, crocodilles lazing peacefully on the beach, and the Temple of Diana perched high on the cliffs.

Perched in the center of Diana's Mirror is the town of Nemi, floating upon a giant dock. On the southern shore you can find an herbalist academy, and likely a job or two. It's

almost a shame the surrounding areas aren't as peaceful or friendly...

Temple Path

Following this path around to the northern side of the lake will guide you to the bridge you'll need to cross to reach the temple. But beware the Glade Bruins and Red Stags

that dwell here! For some reason, the animals here are extremely unfriendly toward Romans. To make matters worse, not all of them are still living, but they're still moving!

Even the plants themselves seem tainted, but it will take a brave hero to find out why.

Temple Bridge

To pay homage to Diana, you must first cross this bridge. The problem is that Samnites have settled in this area. Of course they'll have a hard time getting to you while

you're crossing, but you didn't think they were they only dangers here, did you?

Temple to Diana

Come pay homage to the great Diana here! Did you remember your offering?

Vestigo Woods

Beware of the Glade Bruins, Red Stags, and Greyhides that dwell here. Hidden amongst the small, winding paths is a gully which houses some ruins that a hardy soul, such as

yourself, might want to take a look at...

Raptus Caverns

Travelling north will lead you to this cursed place, where you'll have to survive Glades Impalers and some rather nasty Harpies. Using the remains of the skeletal remains of

some giant beast as a nest, the Harpy Flame Witches and Plague Spreaders are sure to prove challenging for any who dare tread here.

Salicus Thicket

Death by Harpy not your thing? Then come east of Vestigo Woods and try death by Centaur instead! The ones that have settled here have a complete encampment, with a couple of

massive Centaurs guarding the entrance to the thicket. Even should you get past them, you will find many more waiting farther within, including their leader.

Egeria's Well

The flooded, Greek ruins here have become home to Nereids, water nymphs with powerful spell-casters. You will find them hard to fight as you will rarely get one alone. Surely

it's worth all the trouble to get a look at the great waterfall that flows through here. Of course, there's always the Nereids' treasure to consider...

Cataracta Crags

Samnites have occupied this area, so be sure to keep your weapons close at hand! The crags are a giant Samnite fortification compliments of both man-made and natural barriers,

and they aren't keen on visitors. In fact, rumour has it that some of your countrymen are already being held within the compound.Near the entrance, you'll find mainly sentries

and lone outposts. Once you get closer to the stronghold, protected by two thick walls, you can expect to begin encountering full squads. Should you somehow make it to the

fork in the river, you can check out the shrine the Samnites have set up here. Bright red wildflowers grow all around it, their color seeming to have something to do with the

gruesome offerings they make here. This would be a bad time to remember you left your minions in camp...

Cervinus Rise

This small hill is nestled between Cataracta Crags, Egeria's Well, and the Salicus Thicket. A band of hunters camps here, and may have something for you to do, or, at least, a

nice item or two to sell you--for the right price.

Desoro Woods

East of the Cataracta Crags' stronghold, is this area of evil. The Telchines have been here, and their evil shows clearly wherever you wander. Not only do the dead walk here,

but they've constructed a dark fort. Within this fort are the altars they use to perform their evil rites, as well as many creatures that will have to be dealt with. Should

you be brave enough to enter, and lucky enough to come back out alive, you might discover if there's any truth to the rumours of a Telchine-Samnite alliance...

Verdurous Knoll

Few humans dwell here, or mythical creatures for that matter. The area has become overrun with animals, and none seem to appreciate your presence. While the Greyhide Wolves,

Glades Charger Boars, Giant Vultures, Venom Spitters, and Venatrix Cobras are fearsome, the pale in comparison to the Skeletal Stags and Tainted Bruins that eternally haunt this

place. While Satyrs do occassionally hunt in the area, even they won't venture very far into the knoll.

Scindo Canyon

Heading away from the Verdurous Knoll to the southeast, you will come across this long canyon. Scattered about the area are run-down shacks, hideen amongst the rocks. Keep

your eyes peeled as these dwellings are now home to vicious scorpions, always looking for their next meal.

Arx Pluteus

You should be able to grab a brief rest here, at last! Romans have settled here, erecting walls and watchtowers to protect the entrance to Vaporo Valley. You're likely to find

some vendors here, and even some work. After all, the Harpies from Mordeo Gorge are fond of raiding the settlement.

Mordeo Gorge

Nesting among the large, fallen rocks that have turned this place into a maze, a particularly vicious colony of Harpies has made their home. Be careful when moving through

here, lest you awaken the entire colony to your presence.

Cruor Meads

Should you survive the gorge and head to the northwest, you'll find yourself in an area of high plateaus, the only connection between them rope bridges that have been

constructed. However, don't expect to find any human settlements here. The only sign of humans are the Greek ruins atop the plateaus, and these have been taken over by Satyrs

and Maenads. While the dance of the Maenads around the statue of Pan that has been built here is truly a sight to behold, it could become the last sight you ever see! Rumours

abound of another statue in this area, but little is known about it. Guarded by a Satyr and several Maenads, it's hard to get close enough to determine anything. There are

stockpiles of wine and urns all around it though, if you're feeling brave, or merely a bit thirsty. Of course they won't appreciate the intrusion, but you'll need something

refreshing after dealing with the Skeletal Stags and Tainted Bruins that tend to wander over...

Sacred Grove

Home to a vicious pack of Wood Strix, this area is dotted by three small ponds. The old, overgrown structures the Strix reside in are rumoured to have been abandoned by the

ancient gods themselves, and strange, vine walls protect them. These vines were clearly not grown naturally, so you'd be well advised not to get tangled in them! There's a

small village of Romans on the hill above the Strix encampment, however, the only way to reach it is the path which runs all the way from the Temple of Diana to Cruor Meads.

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