Dead ghosts are located throughout the Destiny world, and when collected they unlock a new Ghost Fragment Grimoire card with stories and hints on what may have caused the collapse of mankind. Three new Dead Ghosts have been added to the Vestian Outpost social space with the House of Wolves expansion. If you want to complete your collection, or are just looking to start it, here is a complete walkthrough on collecting all 3.

Dead Ghost 1

For the first ghost, head to the tarped over area where Variks has his shop. At the back of the tarp there is a low hanging are a where you should be able to easily jump up onto.

Hop onto the tarp and then run to the top of it to discover the Dead Ghost waiting for you.

Dead Ghost 2

The next ghost is in a precarious position, perched on a hanging beam beside the walkway that runs between the Osiris vendor and the queen’s bounty vendor. There is a way to land safely on the beam by jumping from the top level, but we found it much easier to simply grab it in mid air while jumping to your death. Just make sure you’re holding the “pick up” button down and you should get it before taking the plunge.

Dead Ghost 3

The final Vestian outpost Ghost can be found hanging in a mesh sack to the right of the Osiris vendor. To reach it, head to the right away from the ghost until you come to some stacked fallen crates. Use the crates to jump onto the wall-mounted pipes and then carefully walk along those all the way to the ghost. Grab it and you’ve got them all!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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