Yes, yes, and yes.

Ever been playing Vanguard and get approached by a shady looking fellow? Ever been told that the world will be ending? Ever had some dude summon a gigantic golem-looking servant that casts a spell that pelts you with flame over and over again? Well now you can! This week, in Vanguard's Pantheon of the Ancients Guide #11.

You'll find out that Vol Anari is a do-gooder. He's a tad
fanatic. He'll tell you that everyone and everything is tainted by at
least a little bit of impurity. He's got a plan though! A man with a plan;
he's going to torch the world with his Righteous Flame which only the Pure
will survive. Sounds a bit apocolyptic, but what the heck. Accept his
quest to get those fires burning.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016