The well-fortified gates of Aricia have managed to keep out the troubles plaguing Alban Hills, at least so far. This safety, true or merely perceived, has created a veritable

merchant's paradise. Anything you need can be found here, for a price...

Should you require it, you can find trainers, the finest equipment, and even those who can help you find greater favor with your chosen deity. Like most large cities, there is

a seedier side to the city, yet it still stands as a symbol of the order and progress that is Rome. For you, great hero, there are also those who would send you on quests to

further your adventures, and help bring order to all of the Republic.

Areas of Interest

Central Market

The Central Market can be accessed simply by walking through the main gates. While the goods here are not high-end, those are held in the various hero's quarters, they are more

than sufficient for the young hero in need of supplies. The ornate well at the center of the market is worth a peek, but don't expect to stand still too long. With all the

traffic running here, stopping at anything but a merchant's stall could be more dangerous than the Gorgons!

The Forum

With wonderfully landscaped gardens and a central rotunda guaranteed to catch your eye, this place is far more than just another pretty place. Much of the business of Aricia is

conducted here. From the merchants making business deals, to the praefects making political ones, to the thieves stealing their coin purses, this open plaza is always a beehive

of activity. Just up the stairs from the Central Market, The Forum is parked in the middle of the city as befits such an important area.

The civic-minded hero will find plenty of opportunities to further their skills and serve Rome at the same time. As an added benefit, keeping your eyes open can reveal a

minion-for-hire to aid you on your adventures.

Rogue's Quarter

The so-called Rogue's Quarter is located in the northeast corner of the city. According to local legends, the tavern here acts as a front for the Rogue Den, a secretive hideout

for lawless ruffians. Of course, we in Rome know these rumours to be false...

Rogue : Let them think what they will, brother. That pompous twit will find the truth for himself the next time he reaches for his coin! The rumours are true and you can enter

the Rogue Den to further your training, as well as pick up a few choice items made just for us. Of course, you'll need to bring plenty of coin. Just remember to keep an eye on

it lest it disappear before you spend it!

Mystic Quarter

Located on the eastern edge of the city, this area is dominated by the large, domed observatory known as the Mystic Temple. It is here that some of the greatest Mystic trainers

in all of Rome can be found. For the more advanced mystic, there's always Papius Flavillus to speak with, quite possibly the most powerful spellcaster in all of Alaban Hills.

The east gate which stands here leads out to Inops Gully. Everything we Mystics need can be found here. Speaking of which, I really need a new staff, and that one will work

perfectly! Here you...HEY!!! Where's my coin purse?!

Gladiator Quarter

In the southeast corner of the city stands the Gladiator Arena, a sure sign that you've entered the Gladiator Quarter. Maybe I can hire one to deal with the Rogue that took my

purse... Regardless, the arena is smaller than the one that was built outside the city, and is primarily used for training. The legendary Gladiator, Ostorius Eudoxius, has

turned trainer and now teaches Gladiators how to bring the crowds to their feet. Vendors and trainers also abound here, willing to sell you what you need to further your own


Soldier Quarter

There are few in Rome who do not know the name Vergilius Liberalis. His legendary exploits in defense of Rome are widely known, and many come seeking his tutelage. However,

much of what he teaches is quite advanced, so those less skilled should seek out Simlicia Glycia instead. Don't be too down if you're still too green to learn from Vergilius,

for Simlicia is a fierce defender of Rome in her own right. The Soldier Barracks is where you can find both, and also serves as the urban headquarters for the local military.

I wonder what they think of Rogues...

Priest Quarter

Located in the western portion of the city, the Priest Library marks the heart of the Priest Quarter. The selection of reading materials for the humble Priest are truly

mind-boggling, and any Priest seeking to improve his or her knowledge of the priestly arts would do well to visit it. A small, garden sanctuary offers a quiet place for

meditation or repose, should you so choose.

Scout Quarter

In the northern part of the city, you can find the Scout Watchtower, a lookout point for for defense, and also a base for the Scouts that operate in and around Aricia. The

Scout Quarter sports it's own set of gates, leading to the western portion of Inops Falls, allowing a Scout to slip in and out of the city quickly on missions to further Rome's

glory. Here, you may learn new fighting techniques, and find the few supplies you can't get from the land. With the Scout's ability to see danger coming, I think I'll hire one

before I go near the Rogue's Quarter again!

The Pantheon Area

Lost favor with your deity? Then come here! The Pantheon Temple itself is devoted to the worship of all the Roman gods, favoring none above the others. Your deity may even be

willing to present you a quest. The Acolytes of the temple will serve any needs you might have relating to the gods, and a tavern near the temple is a popular hangout for some

of the local toughs looking for adventure. One thing worth noting is that the followers of Bacchus are no longer looked on unfavorably here. How the heck was I supposed to

know she was the head priest's daughter?


West of the forum and housed in a large building near the center of town, you can find the Bathhouse. Citizens, both noble and upstanding mill about (not like those filty

Rogues!), socializing, relaxing, and enjoying the splendor that is Roman life. If you're looking to hobnob with those who might further your ambitions, or even for a minion to

accompany you on a great quest, this is the place to be.

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