Virtual Marriage

What's it Say in There about Divorce?

by: Kiara

"Maiwage. Maiwage is wot bwings us togevah todai." I know, I know. Princess Bride quotes, Firefly/Serenity quotes... people have been yelling at me for a while about these things. I can't help myself though. Everytime I hear or see the word marriage, that scene plays in my mind.

Why am I thinking about marriage? Certainly not because I'm married or planning to get married anytime soon. Been there, done that, MADE the t-shirt. And yes, that is a slightly bitter aroma you're smelling right now. Don't get me wrong. Marriage can be a wonderful thing with the right person. There are a lot of ups and downs though. So, one has to ask, why on earth would you get married in a game? You get none of the benefits! Your virtual husband can't take out the trash, or cook outdoors, or kill the big, fist-sized, woman eating spider that just crawled across my wall. * shudders * Ugh. One moment while I find a shoe.

Whew. And I'm safe once more.

On the other hand, a virtual husband also can't leave dirty socks lying on the floor, forget to change the toilet paper roll, or drink milk out of the carton, leaving said now empty carton in the fridge. I think I'm starting to see the merits of this idea.

Back to the question at hand. Blackguard recently put up a post asking about in game marriages. It can be found here. Clearly, Blackguard is the reason you're now suffering through my ponderings on in game marriage. I read through the thread and picked a few brains and came up with enough answers to satisfy my curiosity.


This would probably be the foremost reason I can find for getting hitched in game. As a roleplayer myself, I can totally see the natural progression in the development of your character. Besides, it's even more fun if you're roleplaying this with a good friend or significant other. It's definitely a source for much amusement. I've also found that roleplayers have the best in game weddings. They play it to the hilt. Everyone gets new clothes, there's alcohol, fireworks, speeches, feasting... It's truly a sight to behold.

One poster even when on to describe how they had a very traditional set up for one in game wedding. Everyone divided up sides, creating an aisle, and when the bride walked down everyone stood. I'm sure it looked fabulous. In EQ1, I know that GM's would answer petitions to appear at weddings. Blackguard made mention that they might start dropping in again to share in the festivities. Personally, I miss the drunken races along the bridges of Kelethin after imbibing your maximum possible amount of alcohol. Now, that is a celebration.

Real Life

This one conveniently breaks up into two categories. There are the lucky folks who are married, have a great relationship, and play the game together. Too good to be true? Well, they happen to love each other so much, and get along so well, that they are also married in game. Talk about togetherness. I joke, but it really is sweet to see people who are so close that being married in life isn't enough for them. They absolutely must declare their love for all to see. I love couples like this. They're a lot of fun to play with as well. All the cute married people banter in /group is a lot of fun!

Then there are the folks who are a couple, but aren't married and often aren't even geographically close. These are probably even sweeter stories than those who are married in real life. These folks have met online. Sometimes from halfway across the world. Or maybe they live three streets over from each other. Either way, they'd have never met otherwise and they've now found true love. Or at least I'd like to think so. They marry their characters to each other as an outward declaration of love. Much the same reason folks tie the knot in real life. I've two dear friends who live on opposite sides of the pond (this would be the Atlantic Ocean) and are truly the most adorable couple ever. The whole gnome and half elf thing is a little on the odd side, but nonetheless, I wish them hundreds of fat children.

Now, my only question is this... When you get divorced in game, who gets the dragon?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016