Welcome to Dragonake! A beautiful land of mountains and valleys this zone, unlike others, has plenty of wide open spaces, paths, and most importantly choke points. The area has quite a history behind it based on the lore Mythic has provided.

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" In the eastern reaches of Caledor, the tall mountain peaks yield to grassy hills that eventually slope down to meet the western border of Eataine. Though the lands to the west are more mountainous, the caves that run beneath the hills of this region are as deep as any in Caledor, and many ancient Dragons slumber within them. In ages past, when the lands of the High Elves came under threat, the Dragon Princes traveled to this land to rouse the slumbering beasts to war. For this reason, the western-most region of Caledor came to be known as Dragonwake.

Fueled by hatred that has festered for millennia, the Dark Elves continue their relentless march across Ulthuan, driving the defending High Elves and their allies ever southward toward the capital city of Lothern. For the noble lords of Ulthuan the situation grows bleaker with each passing day. It is clear that desperate measures must be taken to slow the invaders' advance, for little else has worked. The time has come to wake the great Dragons of old."

Of course there is more but you aren't here for lore, you are here to see what to expect in Dragonwake. While not as frequently fought over as Praag, you'll still find plenty of RvR actions as both sides try and wrestle control of the battle objectives and keeps.


While it is far from the focus, there is a little bit of PvE to be done here which can be found on either side in the form of quests. You can also find the Chapter 17, 18 and 19 Public Quests.


Chapter 17: The Call of Timen - Aenamara Fellwater is your Rallymaster and this one is a little different. All your PQ's are located within the Isle of the Dead through a portal at the end of the north path. Your PQ's are Ritual of Beasts, Ritual of Death, Ritual of Life, and Ritual of the Heavens.

Chapter 18: Dragonwake - Hithandor Oakbrow is your Rallymaster and Dragonwatch, Keeper's Watch, and Rescue of Aenares. The PQ's are located to the west, one you have to walk right by in order to proceed.

Chapter 19: Vaul's Anvil - Haelynar Silverstar is your Rallymaster and Blood Focus, The Clifs of Vaul, and Dominion of Khaine are the PQ's you'll find in this area. They are easily found following the trail to the south, then east.


Chapter 17: Ultimate Controlult - Farna Chaosmoon is your Rallymaster and you'll find all your PQ's inside the Isle of the Dead. Your PQ's are The Ritual of Light, The Ritual of Fire, The Ritual of Metal, and The Ritual of Shadows.

Chapter 18: Death of Dreams - Taromir Sarnath is your is your Rallymaster and Keepr's Vigil, Dragonwatch Falls, and Galrion's Mouth are your corresponding PQ's. These can be found to the east and the northeast.

Chapter 19: Furnace of Caladain - Lord Xyshrenth is your Rallymaster and Southern Breach, The End is Nigh, and Wings of the Griffon are your corresponding PQ's. These are in the southeast of Praag.


Like every other RvR lake in Warhammer Online, Dragonwake has two warcamps, one on the northwestern side for Order and southeastern for Destruction. This gives Order a clear advantage to capturing Fireguard Spire and Drakerbreaker's Scourge. Destruction will have a significant advantage capturing Milaith's Memory and Convenant of Flame to offset each other.

Map Objectives:

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There are 4 Battle Objectives and two Keeps in this zone which will require the coordination of multiple warbands to maintain control of.

Drakgebreaker's Scourgen- This keep is to the western side of Dragonwake and is a closer ride for Order forces but the approach is up a zigzagged trail and difficult if on the offensive. It's unusual in that it overlooks the Mournfire's Approach battlefield objective on the east side. far north and is your standard keep plus exterior wall.

Fireguard Spire - This Battlefield Objective is on the western side within sight of the Order warcamp which makes it easy to reinforce. The major downside is it is only attackable from the long zigzg trail above or over a bridge and this is the major artery Order uses to enter the battlefield. An entrenched enemy here can hold up reinforcements and control the battlefield. An interesting note, you will be flagged for RvR travelling on the bridge above this objective which connects two PvE areas.

Mournfire's Approach- This battlefield objective is so oddly placed it is difficult to reach unless you own Drakebreaker's Scourge Keep and then you can just ride through the keep and drop down. Otherwise you'll have to approach from the east and could be subject to a little ranged fire from above.

Pelgorath's Ember- Located in the far souther portion of Dragonwake the approach to this one is no simpler than Mournfire and is indicative of what you'll find with some of the Dragonwake objectives. It's generally easy to grab as it's a long run for anyone getting there.

Milaith's Armory- Located just south of the warcamp for Destruction, this battlefield objective is just seconds away from respawn granting them a great advantage. Unlike Mournfire's however, it can be avoided to reinforce the nearby keep or other objectives. Order can reach it by riding in from Eataine or south of Caelanriol.

Convenant of Flame - Located in the east of Dragonwake, this keep sits closer to the Destruction side and is easier reinforced that way. A large open field sits before it providing a clear field of fire and nowhere to hide. Order will have to either cross a large bridge to the west or come in from the east.

Tips for Survival:

* Try and stay with your warband - This is tough especially if there are 40+ people just on your side running around. When moving between objectives it's easy for people to peel off with another group. A good warband leader will make decisions and try to direct people.

* Learn the map. While many zones provide you numerous ways to get somewhere, there are a half dozen choke points in Dragonwake which will get you killed if you don't know how to avoid them. Don't be one of those guys sighing desparately stuck in the Order war camp.

* Cooperate with others and coordinate - Coordinating the defense and assaults is a complex job and requires a good alliance to pull off. This is not the time for egos and smack talk about how bad everyone sucks. If there was any time in Warhammer Online you should cooperate, it's the Tier 4 zones.

* Don't chase them into their warcamp - This is advice that everyone should be following in EVERY Tier. Don't chase them back and pin them in their warcamp. First of all because they have abilities that can yank you right into their Hero con guards assuming somebody didn't accidentally attack one. More importantly, if you pin them in there they aren't outside fighting and dying giving you Renown. They just pack up and go somewhere else. You can dominate the battlefield by killing them in the open.

* Don't split off from the main group - This happens more than you'd believe. One enemy runs off down an alley or over a hill and you with perhaps another give chase. Before you know it, you are separated from the main source and notice the enemies name is "Bait."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016