Long ago, when the great cities of Dwarf stood stalwart and impenetrable, the Dwarfs of Mount Gunbad mined the depths of their mountain for the precious material brightstone. The energies of brightstone allowed the forging of the greatest creations of the Dwarfs, weapons of unparallel might and machines of intense brilliance. The Dwarfs enjoyed the blessings of Gunbad for many generations until the first swarms of Night Goblins broke into their tunnels.

Thousands upon thousands of Night Goblins flooded the mines of Mount Gunbad, drowning the Dwarfs in a tide of green filth. It was the same everywhere; many great fortresses fell in what was to be known as the Time of Woes. Before long the ruin of Gunbad was little more that another entry from that age's interminable list of grudges, and few Dwarfs would even venture within sight of its forbidding peak.

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Plenty to Do Here

Although triumphant in their conquering of the Dwarf hold, the Redeye Night Goblins were hardly undisturbed in their new fortress. From the depths of the mountain great energies called out to those who would seek them, and the Night Goblins soon found an army of malevolent constructs and rotting corpses shambling up from below the world. Beating back their gruesome new foe, the Night Goblins thought themselves secure, and a sprawling city more suited to their tastes soon was built atop the Dwarf ruins and the powerful twisting energies below.

The Age of Reckoning has brought new powers to fore, armies of thousands that care little for the Night Goblins' claim to Gunband. A Dwarf army marches with purpose not seen in an age, determined to regain the brightstone they know to be their birthright. From the south Grumlok's great Waaagh! advances on Gunbad, the Warlord bent on destroying any greenskin that will not join his banners. The Redeye Night Goblins stand ready, wicked smiles anticipating the slaughter to come, yet in the depths the remnants forgotten enemy stir, ready to swallow whole any victors in the ancient maw of the Mourkain.

Gunbad is an instanced contested dungeon located in the most northwestern section of the Badlands. This content is designed for groups roughly level 22-32 consisting of 3 different paths of increasing difficulty and a single group instance at the end of each. Each path has a series of Public Quests which all contribute to an influence bar with some extremely nice rewards. They won't be easily obtained however, because as stated above this is group content and the influence requirements aren't light. You won't find any RvR combat in the dungeon itself as it's split into different instances for Order and Destruction, but the exterior entrance is frequently a flashpoint especially on Open RvR servers.

What you'll need before you start:

  • A group - This isn't negotiable. All the content here is at bare minimum a designed for a single group but many bosses require at least a 2 man warband. That isn't to say you won't find a group you tag along with, but the dungeon isn't exactly conviniently located especially if you are Order.
  • A fairly empty journal - There are at least a dozen quests available at the entrance to the dungeon. They do vary in difficulty and can be dropped easily if you don't accomplish your objectives in a single trip. While you can pick them up again you'll want to be able to carry at least 4-6 on your first run.
  • An empty backpack - Many people assume because there is a quest hub at the entrance there will be a merchant but nothing could be further from the truth. Merchants don't want to be in here unless they have to be.

Areas Available:

The Lab - Probably the easier of the three, this path is to the right as you enter the zone. You will work your way through three different Public Quests called Mangle the Wrangla, Kizzig's Gobbo Place, and Mad Mixas each with increasing difficulty. At the end of this path is an instance to the Lab itself where you will fight the Masta Mixa. You must fill the entire first bubble of your influence bar to access this final fight.

The Nursery - This area is typically begun after mastering the Lab but there is no harm in trying a few of the early Public Quests whenever you get the opportunity. You will once again work your way through three more Public Quests called Squig Crazy, A Taint From Below, and The Squig Nursery. At the end of this path is the entrance to the real Squig nursery. You will need to have filled your influence bar to the second bubble in order to access the instance.

The Barracks - The final path is down a scenic winding trail and culminates in a raging battle between goblins and undead warriors. You'll have three different Public Quests to tackle called Redeye Stomping Grounds, Shadoweb Spawning Grounds, and Redye Nightmare. At the end of this path is the Gunbad Barracks and the end all of this content. Killing Solithex, the Masta Mixa, and Glomp Da Squig Masta will allow you take on the big bad of the dungeon, the 'Ard Ta Feed. This epic content is one thing you'll want to say you've accomplished.



A Sample of Order Quests Available:


Ukor Skafson

A Moment in Slime

Gritzle the Wotsit

Hidden Depths

Slaying Gits

Stirring Up Trouble


Dordena Stormaxe (These are all boss fights so expendable if you need journal room)

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This Guy is Waiting

The Threat from Glomp

The Threat from 'Ard to Feed

The Threat from Masta Mixa

The Threat from Solithex


Brudig Stouthelm

Finding Phineas


Drugni Deepblade

Bringing Down the Squigmaker

Culling Gritznik

Hidden Depths


A Sample of Destruction Quests Available:



Gritzle the Wotsit

Mushroom Deep

Potion of Specialness

Squishin' Kurga

Valdar's Charm


Gorbaz Tuffchoppa (These are all boss fights so expendable if you need journal room)

Dat Glomp's a Threat

Dat 'Ard to Feed's a Threat

Dat Masta Mixa's a Threat

Dat Solithex's a Threat



Killing Griznik





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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016