Dwarf Public Quests: Chap.3

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Odarik Rorkisson cast a stormy look across the ravine that separated his encampment from that of the Orcs and Goblins. Long ago, the ancient village of Komar had spanned the chasm. Now, the Dwarfs were forced to share the town with their hated enemies.

On the Dwarfs' side of the gap, the Oathbearers had fortified the ancient ruins to use as a base. On the greenskins' side, once-proud structures were defaced and ruined, the fine stonework cracked and chipped and the sturdy oak doors painted over in tribal emblems.

Odarik spat in the dust at his feet and swore an oath under his breath. He wanted nothing more than to charge across the bridge and make the Orcs pay for every scratch, chip and dent in those Dwarf houses of old. He took a deep breath and reminded himself that his efforts here were part of a larger plan.

With their mine secured, the Dwarfs of the Bitterstone clan were busy filling barrel after barrel with valuable ore. Meanwhile, General Ironmane's regiment of Oathbearers were fighting to secure the roads and railways along which that ore would be shipped back to Karaz-a-Karak.

Thus far, the Oathbearers had done well. The greenskins, at first caught off guard by the Oathbearers' assault, had been driven back to the slopes of Mount Bloodhorn. The victory was short-lived, however. The Orcs massed a great horde to march to the Gates of Ekrund, which the Dwarfs had sealed shut.

The Gates of Ekrund could be held for a time, but eventually, the Orcs would break through. To prevent this, General Ironmane devised a bold plan: the Oathbearers would race to the Kron Komar Gap and ambush the greenskin horde, disrupting their march to the Gates.

Odarik Rorkisson, a Longbeard and veteran of many campaigns back east in the Worlds Edge Mountains, was chosen to lead the attack. Rorkisson's Thunderers had successfully diverted part of the greenskin army toward Kron Komar, but now he and his Dwarfs found themselves surrounded, outnumbered, and fighting for their lives.

Rorkisson barked orders to a nearby Dwarf. "Gron, gather the lads! While we're holdin' these Orcs at bay, go an' deal with that Necromancer down in Durak's Vault. The last thing we need is an army o' skeletons marchin' up on our backs!"

A Goblin's arrow ricocheted from the wall of the stone dwelling next to him, and Odarik scowled and drew his handgun.

Chapter 3: Stand-Off at Krom Komar Gap

Rally Master: Odarik Rorkisson

Influence Rewards
-Basic: Health, Action Points, Heal over Time or Damage Absorbing Potions
-Advanced: Chest Armor or Gloves.
-Elite: Feet or Weapon.


Kron Komar Gap:

Location: Komar, Mt. Bloodhorn.

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Stage I: Kill 100 Bloody Sun Greenskins. As you leave Chapter 2 of your Dwarf journey, you're going to pass through a battle taking place between the Greenskins and the Dwarves. This is somewhat of a unique PQ as it seems that it's contested. Whoever meets the first objective first, locks it out for the other faction until it resets.. Your job is to help your army out by killing 100 Bloody Sun Greenskins, and there's plenty of them to go around. Usually, you'll see a bunch of players blockading the path coming into Komar from the hills, catching all the adds as they pour out of the hills. The mobs are standard ranged and tanks and you may get a little help from some of the NPC Dwarves across the way, as they come into the area and attack random Orcs.

Stage II: 2 Gorrek's Shaman, Gorrek Jawbreaks. Now that you've slaughtered a whole mess of Black Orcs and beaten out the opossing Greenskins it's time for the epic conflict. He has two Shaman with him who are level 7 Champions and will heal Gorrek so taking them out first is a wise move. Once his healers are taken care of you can focus your attention on Gorrek himself. He is a level 7 Hero and does have a mildly annoying knockback More dangerous at this point however is the pissed off Greenskins who might be tempted to "help" him kill you. This stage is the end of the PQ so once your objective has been completed it's time for the loot rule.

Loot Drops: Special items are dependent on the type of loot bag that is won, and your class. Every loot bag contains the tradeskill items and coins.

  • Thick Glass Vial: Apothecary
  • Sallow Gall : Cultivation
  • Clean Tin Watering Can: Cultivation
  • Withered Peat : Cultivation
  • Coins


The Siege of Komar:

Location: South of Krom Komar

Stage I: Kill 100 Bloody Sun. Man the Dwarves have a blood thirst for Greenskins don't they? It appears they have a staging ground up a path from the Krom Komar Public Quest. If you are having trouble beating out the Greenskins, this is a great altenative to gaining influence. Slaughter 100 of these guys (doesn't matter what class of creature they are),mercilessly and you'll be rewarded with the next stage of the quest.

Stage II: Kill 12 Bloody Sun Battlers, 25 Bloody Sun Fixers, and Destroy 3 Rock Lobbers. Now that you've appeased the bloodlust of the Dwarf masters, it's time to take things to the next level. The Greenskins have set up siege equipment to bombard Dwarf positions downhill and your job is to take them out. The Rock Lobbers are pretty obvious to see and are surrounded by their crew. Eliminate the crew and the Rock Lobbers to proceed.

Stage III: Drahzag Neckbreaker, and Mokri Slimebreath. Destroying the Rock Lobbers very understandably has upset the Greenskin leadership who send their champion Drahzag Neckbreaker to deal with the problem. This level 7 Hero con creature is difficult enough on his own providing even the hardiest group a challenge. Unfortunately he brings a friend called Mokri Slimebreath along with him of the same level and Champion con. He's little more than an annoyance to take care of but Drahzag likes to hide behind other mobs near the top of the hill so this won't be a rushing situation. Take care in pulling him and you'll see that PQ reward chest before you know it.

Loot Drops: Special items are dependent on the type of loot bag that is won, and your class. Every loot bag contains the tradeskill items and coins.

  • Lesser Loot Bag - Green Rank 5 Chest piece
  • White Loot Bag - White Rank 5 boots
  • Thick Glass Vial: Apothecary
  • Sallow Gall : Cultivation
  • Clean Tin Watering Can: Cultivation
  • Withered Peat : Cultivation
  • Coins

There are only two Public Quests in Chapter Three of Mt. Bloodhorn, so after you've completed them, you're ready to move onto Chapter 4.



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016