Dwarf Public Quests: Chapter 4

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The crackling of handgun fire filled the air as the last of the fleeing bandits disappeared behind a rocky outcropping.

"Hah! Isn't there one among ye who will stand and fight, coward manlings?" Captain Skalfson's challenge went unanswered. Another raid had been thwarted, but Dietrich's Dogs would soon return.

Skalfson sniffed at the air. The reek of the distant Marshes of Madness mingled with the scent of the thieves' fear. Later, his trusted band would conduct a raid of their own, reclaiming supplies stolen by the thieves from Dwarf wagons that traveled this vitally important road.

It was the security of the road that had brought Skalfson here. A Ranger Captain of great fame, he was also one of General Ironmane's most trusted kinsmen. Already, his band had recovered almost all of the supplies the robbers had taken.

Those supplies would go a long way toward helping the Dwarfs wrest control of Mount Bloodhorn from the greenskins, but more importantly, the bandits had been deprived of food, ammunition and weapons.

Skalfson squinted and peered into the distance. He could just make out the train tracks that rose up from under the ground less than a league from the camp. The Dwarfs had made good progress getting the network of tracks that ran throughout Ekrund back in working order, but here in Mount Bloodhorn, there was still much to do. Any day now, a work crew would arrive to begin repairs on this stretch of track, and the Dwarfs would have yet another railroad along which the trains carrying ore could run.

"Vultures are back," grumbled Olfgrom Steelhand disinterestedly. Skalfson took a shot at one of the large, ugly birds, and the lot of them flapped away noisily.

The vultures were the least threatening of the creatures in this part of the Dragonback Mountains. Huge, carnivorous lizards and long-tusked boars lurked among the rocks on all sides of the camp, just waiting for the Dwarfs to lower their guard. A small tribe of greenskins called the Ironclaws occasionally made life interesting for Skalfson and his Rangers, and last, but hardly least, was the army of bandits.

They called themselves Dietrich's Dogs, after their leader, the renowned former mercenary Dietrich Lichtermann. The remnants of a failed Empire expedition through the Dragonbacks, they were cunning and tough in equal measure. Skalfson guessed that their main camp must not be far away, but his duties required that he stay where he was and guard the road.

Chuckling to himself, the Captain reloaded his handgun. There was never a dull moment here at Skalfson's Watch.

Chapter 4: Keeping the Dogs at Bay

Rally Master: Captain Skalfson

Influence Rewards
-Basic: Health, Action Points, Heal over Time or Damage Absorbing Potions
-Advanced: Belt or Gloves.
-Elite: Chest Armor or Weapon.


Gutrot Mine:

Location: East side of Mt. Bloodhorn.

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Stage I: Kill 50 Ironclaw Greenskins and 50 Squigs:. This will likely be the last PQ you attempt in this zone as it lies to the far east of where you begin in Mount Bloodhorn. This is also kind of out of the way and not usually a populous area. Any mine zones always have an inherent hazard because of their chokepoint and Gutrot is no different. If you fight your way in, be mindful of respawns on the way out. Your targets will be plentiful and easy to find.

Stage II: Kill 40 Rock Squigs. Breaking the mold, this second stage requires you not to kill Champion level mobs but more single targets. 40 to be exact but this time you are on a timer, so be efficient or you won't finish. These guys are all over the mine and hard to pin down but with some determination and a few friends, it can be done. All of these creatures are level 9 and 10.

Stage III: Gribal the Squigmaster. Now that you've probably unlocked a ton of Squig achievements by senselessly slaughtering dozens, it's time for the final epic fight. Gribal is of course a squig herder who has a few of those ugly mouthed friends running around with him. As a level 9 Hero con you will need some significant firepower to take him down. Having someone tank him while the adds are killed can be an effective tactic if you are short on DPS. Focus on Gribal after that and he should be dead before you know it.


Marhaz Bloodtoof Ritual:

Location: Eastern Mount Bloodhorn near center river

Stage I: Kill 50 Ironclaw Boyz and Extinguish 3 Shaman Effigies. This quest begins on the river beach near the middle of the zone one the east side of the river. There are plenty of the Ironclaw Boyz running around. In three different locations you'll find Shaman who will need to be defeated. Once you've beaten them you can extinguish the effigies. After completing this stage make your way to the road on the east side and prepare for Stage II.

Stage II: Hammerstrikers must survive You've finally gotten some backup in the form of a contingent of Dwarf Hammerstrikers that show up. They'll begin to march their way to the top of the hill. Currently there is a large wave of Ironclaw Ambushers that hit the group which you'll have to help with or they'll be obliterated. Once past that follow them to a point up the path where they'll just seem to stop. This is likely a bug but once the timer runs out it will proceed to stage III. While you wait you can go to the top of the hill and inside the hut there is a Tome unlock amongst the dinner scraps.

Stage III: Marghaz Bloodtoof and 4 Ironclaw Defenders. This fight is about normal from what you'd expect in a Stage III. The 4 Ironclaw defenders are just level 9 typical solo mobs. The real trick here is Marghaz who is a Shaman and can heal them pretty easily not to mention himself. As a Hero con he'll have a ton of hitpoints and allowing him to heal will just prolong the fight that much longer. Stuns and silences if available will make things go much smoother and results in lower loss of life. When he's beaten there is nothing left to do but collect the PQ loot.


Traitor's Watch:

Location: Northern penisula reached by trail under waterfalls

Stage I: Kill 100 Dog Soldiers. This Public Quest takes up a majority of the peninsula so the target environment is rich and decent sized and is out of the way enough it's a decent place to grind influence for Chapter 4. . Finding 100 of these guys is fairly easy as you can usually find clusters of them around tents and bonfires. Lay waste as you please until you've reached your goal then head back to the shores where Stage II will begin.

Stage II: Kill 8 Dog Paymasters, Grab 8 Kegs of Beer and Burn 8 Tents - This stage has a few different requirements you'll need to complete to move on. You'll notice at the beach that Paymasters begin to show up with a small entourage and carrying kegs of beer. You can either attack them as they move in (beware the ones behind them though) at which point they'll drop the beer or let them move into the various tents on the island. Keep in mind you only have 10 minutes. The kegs will be near the tents if you missed the Paymasters parade into the camp. Interact with each tent to set it on fire and you are done with this stage.

Stage III: Abigail Gartner and Dietrich Lichtermann. So you've killed a bunch of their men and paymasters, burned down their tents, and stolen their beer. Who wouldn't be pissed off about that? Gartner and Lichtermann show up stating it doesn't bother them, but it does. These two will arrive and start making their way to the top. Gartner is probably the easiest being only a level 9 Champion. Have someone tank Lichtermann while you dispatch him. After that having your full DPS focus on Lichtermann, who is a level 9 Hero, should hopefully at least finish the job. Make sure to pull him in area without respawns to avoid any additional mobs running around hitting healers.

There are three Public Quests in Chapter Four of Mt. Bloodhorn, so after you've completed them, you're ready to move onto Chapter 5 in a different zone.



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016