So you have played a few Scenarios and you have a basic understanding of your Class and your role in RvR, but you want more. You want to play with the big boys, you want open world PvP, and you want opposing players to wet their pants at the mere mention of your name. In short... you want to capture a Keep! Sounds great, but there is only one problem. You don't know how. Not to worry, future warlord. Ten Ton Hammer has you covered with our first look at Keeps and open world PvP in Warhammer. We have the tips and tricks to keep your assault from failing and how to defend your keep if it is under attack, be it from bloodthirsty gobbos or insurance salesmen!

In the first part of our two part article on Keep warfare, we will look at the basic strategy of Keep warfare and specifics for the offense in taking a Keep.

If you are not working on the Ram, stand back! Enemy players will be dropping Boiling Oil down on the Ram, if you aren't a Tank, you don't want to take that hit; it will kill you quickly. Stand back and man the Catapults or Ballista, and take out the Boiling Oil pot, or any other siege weapons the enemy is using against you. If you aren't manning any of the siege weapons, it's your job to keep enemy players and guards off the Ram, and Healers should heal anyone hurt from Boiling Oil.

Introduction to Keep Sieges & Battlefield Objectives

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016