Just when you thought running around a battlefield full of enemies couldn't get more exciting, Mythic slipped in some hidden content to up the ante. Lair Bosses are group encounters who are locked in caves within the RvR areas. Requiring your group to unlock a puzzle, this content can add a little additional reward to your RvR experience. Ten Ton Hammer has a complete guide to two of the Tier 1 bosses detailing how to unlock them and what strategies will kill them.

You will notice that as you approach the door of this Lair you are shrouded in a dark aura. This aura is the key to unlocking the lair. Have one or more members of your group stand at the door to activate the aura active on the rest of your group. With the aura active, the non-door members of your party should venture out into the local area and find an enemy player to kill. Upon killing the player, if the aura was active, an animation of a spirit leaving the body of the dead player will occur and the door will swing open.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016