Tier 2 Scenario: Stone Troll Crossing

Stone Troll Crossing features a "flag runner" capture mechanic. Pick up the Troll Pacifier and take it to each of the three capture locations to subdue the Trolls and earn points for your Realm!

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So you have read our other Scenario Guides, and have impressed your friends with your new found mastery of Scenarios. Well we are going to continue to make you look good with our guide to Stone Troll Crossing, the Tier 2 Scenario between Empire and Chaos, that has you running all over the field, like Brian Westbrook on steroids! You are ready to lead your friends to victory in this Scenario, you just need the tips and tricks to set yourself apart from those noobs that just run head long into battle without a plan. Well, never fear, Ten Ton Hammer has you covered!

Basic Strategy

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Hill With Flag

Stone Troll Crossing is an interesting take on the typical grab the flag scenario. Here, you grab the flag and haul ass as fast as you can to the Troll Stones and click on them.

Stone Troll is the most fluid of the Tier 2 Scenarios. The fight will rage all over the map, as everyone chases whoever has the flag. You start the Scenario at an equal distance from the flag as your enemy. As soon as the clock starts, you want to run to the hill with the flag on top of it. The hill has two spiral walkways on each side taking you up. Click on the flag to pick it up and then head for one of the three Troll Stones, which are the glowing white stones that you see dotted around the play area. Click on each stone to pacify the trolls there and run to the next. You have 60 seconds from the time you pick up the flag until you must click on your first Troll Stone (it takes about 3 seconds to click on the stone and pacify the Trolls). You are then given 60 seconds to get to the next one, and then again for the third. If you run out of time, you will drop the flag, and it will reset back on top of the hill. Be careful, the Trolls throw rocks from time to time. While the rocks don't do much damage, they cause an AOE knockback that will send you flying. You get points for each enemy you kill, points for each Troll Stone you click on with the flag, and bonus points if you are able to click on all Stones with the flag. First team to 500 with a 15 minute time limit wins.

If you are able to pacify all the Trolls (by clicking on all three Stones), the flag resets, and you start all over. If the flag is about to reset, don't stand on top of the hill thinking you can grab it and run. As soon as the flag resets, a big AOE knockback sends anyone standing on the hill flying off. So you can't camp the flag spawn.

Tips & Tricks

Flag Runner : If you have the flag, forget about attacking. Your one and only job is to run! Run as fast and straight as you can to the nearest Troll Stone. It is everyone else's job on your team to keep you alive, so when choosing which way to run, pay attention to your mini map. If you run towards your allies, they can help keep you going. If you run away from them, you are on your own, and being alone in WAR is never a good thing!

Defense : If your team has the flag, it is your job to run interference for the Flag Runner. Keep him standing at all cost. Don't worry about getting kills, the winner will almost always be whichever side gets to the Troll Stones the most. So throw any roots or snares on anyone close to the Flag Runner, and if all else fails, use the game's collision detection to your advantage. Just get in front of the enemy and stop, this will slow them down for a few seconds at least, and give your Flag Runner precious seconds to click on the Troll Stone.

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Secret No Knocback Point

Offense : If your enemy has the flag, it is your job to kill him at all cost. Too often players get involved with killing enemy players and don't play close enough attention to the player with the flag. It does not matter how many kills you get, if the other side keeps getting the flag and scoring they will win almost every time. Your job, your only job, is to stop and kill the Flag Runner. Use roots and snares to slow the Flag Runner down from getting to the Troll Stones and use DOT (damage over time) attacks on the Flag Runner to keep him from clicking on the troll stones. Remember that while all his healers will be doing everything they can to keep him alive, you don't always have to kill him. If you can slow him up for 60 seconds, he will drop the flag, and the mission will reset.

Tip: You can get a head start on everyone else when the flag resets and everyone is kicked off the hill. If you stand exactly where shown in the screen shot, and keep pressing yourself tight against the wall, you can stay on the hill without being kicked off. Use this to be the first to the flag every time.

Class Roles

Tanks : Your role in Stone Troll Crossing is to grab the flag. You have the most hit points and best armor, so you can take a lot of damage as every enemy player targets you when you grab the flag. If someone else grabs the flag, run interference. Throw any slows or roots you have at anyone close to your Flag Runner. If your enemy has the flag, try to block the path of their Flag Runner and use any roots or snares to slow them.

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Troll Stone

Melee DPS : Your role varies in Stone Troll Crossing depending on which direction you are going. If you are playing defense, stay close to the Flag Runner and take out anyone who gets close to him. Your damage output, plus your ability to take a hit, makes you perfect for keeping players off your Flag Runner. If you are playing offense, use any roots or snares you have to slow down the Flag Runner.

Ranged DPS : If your team has the flag, it is your job to nuke or snare enemy players that get to close to the Flag Runner. Your snares can really help give the Flag Runner the breathing room he needs to click on the Troll Stones. Likewise if your enemy has the flag, use your snares to stop him in his tracks so your teammates can catch up and tear him apart. Your crowd control can really affect the way the Scenario plays out.

Healer: If your team has the flag, stay as close as possible to your Flag Runner and keep spamming heals on him to help him stay on his feet. Watch for any snares or roots on them, and cast any snare remover you have to free the Flag Runner and keep them going. They only have 60 seconds to make it to the Troll Stone, and without your help, odds are they won't make it. If your enemy has the Flag, use any DOT (damage over time) attacks you have on the Flag Runner. Watch your Melee DPS and Ranged DPS closely and keep them standing. They are the best chance you have of killing or stopping their Flag Runner.


The key to success in Stone Troll Crossing is to stay fluid. You should always be moving (like a gobbo being chased by trolls). Don't get bogged down duking it out with someone when the Flag Runner is on the other side of the field. You should have the flag showing on your screen at all times. If you can't see the flag, you are doing something wrong. The game will almost always be decided by the Flag Runner as that the points they put up makes kills pretty meaningless. So play smart, keep moving, and keep the flag in sight.




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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016