Tier 3 Scenario: Black Fire Basin

Blackfire Basin features classic Capture the Flag mechanics. Kill the other players to earn points, and capture the enemy flag to earn points! Carrying the flag for too long will eventually snare the flag carrier and eventually drain your will to fight.

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We here at Ten Ton Hammer continues our guides to Scenarios, with our first guide on a Tier 3 Scenario. We start out with Black Fire Basin which is the easiest of the Tier 3 scenarios to understand. It is based on organization and fighting prowess to determine the winner.  However, like all of the Scenarios in WAR, there are tips and tricks that will make you stand out among the mediocre, and help drive your team to victory.  That's why you're reading this, right?  To learn how best to smash your foes and hear their sniveling cries of mercy!

Basic Strategy

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Flag in Front of Base

Black Fire Basin, at its heart, is simply a capture the flag scenario. There are 2 flags, one belongs to you while the other belongs to your enemy (the victims). Each base has three entrances: the main gate, the broken gate, and the side paths.  Your goal is to grab their flag, bring it back to your base and plant it, while preventing your enemy from doing the same thing. You get points for each enemy you kill and a large bonus in points for capturing their flag and planting it in your base. First team to 500 wins with a 15 minute time limit. You must keep possession of your own flag before you are able to plant the enemy flag. Anyone holding a flag that is killed immediately causes the flag to reset back to its base. If this reminds you of Phoenix Gate, that's good.  Because this Scenario is very similar to Phoenix Gate, just on a much larger scale (and minus the High Elf whimpering of missing tea time).

You can see on the map that both sides start with a flag near their spawn point.  If you run over and stand at your flag, there's a wall with a door, and beyond that, a straight path right in front of you that leads to your enemy's flag. While you can simply charge ahead and hope for the best, there are a few tips that will give you an edge in Black Fire Basin.

Tips & Tricks

Communication : You need to decide if your side is going to play offense or defense at the start. Who will stay and defend your flag while you attack.  You need at least 3 players to stay with your flag and play defense while, at the same time, you need those who are going on offense to take the same routes and charge together. You can only accomplish this effectively if you and your teammates are talking to each other.

Tip: Have everyone stay and play defense until the first wave of attacks fails.  By having your entire team play defense, you can wipe out your enemy easily, giving you a nice spike in points.  As soon as you wipe out all the attackers, charge their flag while only leaving 3 players to guard your flag.  This will make use of their disorganization to your advantage, and you can grab the flag and get back to base!

Defense : Use the few seconds before the Scenario starts to decide who is going to defend your flag. Stay loose around the flag, so you have the best chance to spot enemies no matter which way they decide to attack from. They can come at you just as easily from all three directions, so stay mobile, and keep looking behind you.  If, despite your best efforts your flag gets taken, everyone in the Scenarios job is now to kill the enemy flag bearer before they get to their home base. Use sprint, potions, whatever you have to, in order to keep up with them and take them down.

Tip:Use the terrain to your advantage.  Healers and Ranged DPS should get on top of the gates, and hills around the flag to stay safe while protecting the flag.

Offense : There are three main routes that can be used to seize your enemy's flag (see map). Once you go offense, everyone needs to stay together.  You have three routes to choose from.  Heading right down the center is the toughest, so only take that if you are late showing up to the fight, and need to catch up.  Use the side routes to flank the enemy and charge in.  If you can push your way to the flag, great! Grab it and run. However you will most likely wind up going back and forth with the enemy. Those with stealth can use this distraction and sneak up to the flag and grab it.  By the time the enemy realizes what has happened, you should be heading back to your base with their flag. As soon as anyone grabs the flag, it becomes everyone's job to run interference for him. Drop whatever you're doing (like an orc dropping a bar of soap) to protect the flag bearer.  Block the path to slow the enemy and do everything possible to keep him standing until he gets the flag planted.  If you have the flag, make sure you run towards your teammates.  They can't run interference if they aren't near you.

Tip:If you run off alone in Black Fire Basin, you are only giving easy kills to your enemy.  Stay together

Class Roles

Tanks : Your role in Black Fire Basin should always be on offense. It is your primary job to grab the flag. You have the most hit points and best armor, so you can take a lot of damage as every enemy player targets you when you grab the flag. If someone else grabs the flag, run interference. Throw any slows or roots you have at anyone close to your flag holder. If your flag is taken, try to block the path of their flag holder, or better yet, use this time to grab their flag. Unless one side controls both, it's a stalemate.

Tip: Make sure to have Guard on your healers.  Enemies will target them first, and they need your help.

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Black Fire Basin

Melee DPS : Your role varies in Black Fire Basin depending on which direction you are going. If you are playing defense, stay right on top of your flag and bring the pain to anyone who gets too close. Your damage output, plus your ability to take a hit, makes you perfect for stopping anyone from grabbing the flag. If you are playing offense, go for the enemy Ranged DPS first. These are the guys most likely to kill your teammate once they have the flag and are running back. Between their snares, roots, slows, and damage output, they can end a flag run quickly. If you are assaulting the flag, try to tie up any defenders so the Tank can grab the flag and take off.

Ranged DPS : Your role varies in Black Fire Basin depending on which direction you are going. If you are playing defense, seek higher ground. You can get on top of the gate, and rain death from above on anyone trying to take your flag.  If the flag is taken, use roots and snares to slow them down so your teammates can jump on him. If you are on offense, stay back and concentrate on anyone near the flag. The more confusion caused around the enemy flag, the better chance your side has of taking it. If your side gets the flag, use roots and snares to slow down the pursuit.

Healer: If you are playing defense, stay near your Ranged DPS. You can get on top of the gate, and keep the heals flowing without everyone targeting you. If you are on offense, keep a close eye on the tanks or anyone else going for the flag. If anyone grabs the flag, your one and only job is to heal them constantly, allowing them to get the flag back to base.


The main key to success in Black Fire Basin is organization. Whichever side is the best organized will almost always win this Scenario. If you're guarding your flag, stay close, and don't get impatient. They will come for the flag soon enough. If your enemy takes the flag, everything else becomes secondary, you must stop them from returning to their base with it. On offense don't let your charges fail.  Too often everyone starts to charge for the flag, and then people get nervous and pull back.  What are you, snotlings?  Attack!  If you are a Tank or Melee DPS, don't pull back, charge all the way to the flag.  Use the routes to your advantage, and keep looking around. If you are by yourself, you are doing something wrong.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016