Tier 3 Scenario: Talabec Dam

Talabec Dam is a simple Bombing run Scenario. Acquire the powder Keg at the crossroads and destroy the Chaos Artifact defiling Talabec Dam or lay waste to the Windmill of Talabecland.

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Talabec Dam is one of the more fluid Tier 3 Scenarios.  Unlike many of the other Scenarios, you can’t simply decide to turtle and play defense, or just go full out offense.  You must be able to change tactics, stay mobile, and be ready to shift roles quickly depending on who has the bomb.

Basic Strategy

Talabec Dam is pretty straight forward.  Each side has an objective to protect.  Order has The Windmill of Talbecland to protect, while Destruction has The Chaos Artifact that is defiling Talabec Dam to keep safe.  Your job is to run to the center of the map, pick up the bomb, and blow the hell out of your enemy's objective.   You get points by blowing up your enemy's objective, and points for every enemy player killed.  The first to 500 wins, with a 15 minute time limit.   Piece of cake, right?  Obviously, you have never run Talabec Dam before.

Tips & Tricks

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Bridge in Talebec Dam

Your one and only goal in this Scenario is to get the bomb from the middle of the map blow up the objective.  Once you pick up the bomb, you have 60 seconds to get it to your objective.  If you fail you the bomb still goes off, and guess what… people holding bombs when they go off… don't usually live to tell the tale (you won't).  If it helps, just pretend that you're carrying a gobbo who's "backed up a lil' bit" and you only have a minute to get them to where they need to go!

Tip: When the bomb blows up, it will knock back everyone near it really far.  You don't want to be close when it blows!

Offense : If your team has the bomb, everyone has to keep the Bomb Runner standing and moving towards the target.  You only have 60 seconds, so you don't have time to sit back and kill everyone who is defending.  You have to run headlong into the fray and keep your eye on the target.  Everyone else on your team should be running interference and fighting to give you enough breathing room to plant the bomb.

Tip: It is sometimes a good idea to leave 1 or 2 players where the bomb spawns, so that as soon as it blows, they can grab it and run when it respawns.

Defense : If your enemy has the bomb, everyone has to slow down or kill the Bomb Runner.  Keep in mind that he doesn't have to die; the bomb will kill him for you if he holds it for too long.  Use snares and roots to keep him from getting to your objective.  Everyone should be ignoring everyone but the Bomb Runner.  He scores enough points alone by just placing the bomb that killing other players alone will not be enough for you to win the Scenario.

Class Roles

Tanks : You are the Bomb Runner.  You are made for this role, it's what you do.  Grab the bomb and haul ass to the objective.  Trust your teammates to handle anyone in the way, your only job is to get to that objective.  If you are playing defense, block off that objective or you can even wait at the spawn point to grab the bomb for the next run when it blows.

Tip: Make sure to put Guard on your healers.  They are squishy and die fast, but with your Guard, they can live much longer, keeping the glorious heals raining down on you.

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Fighting in Talebec Dam

Melee DPS : On offense, assist the Bomb Runner.  It's your job to stay close to them and run interference.  Keep those pesky Ranged DPS guys from rooting your Runner, and tie up their Tanks so he can get through.  On defense, charge that Bomb Runner.  You do the massive damage in the game, and you need to unload as much of it as possible on the Runner.

Tip: Run interference, literally!  Too often people forget that there is collision detection in the game.  Use it!

Ranged DPS : On offense, you should be rooting and snaring anyone that gets near your Bomb Runner, especially around the objective.  If you can root one or two enemies guarding the objective for just a few seconds, the Bomb Runner will have enough time to plant the bomb.  On Defense, root and snare the Bomb Runner as often as possible.  The bomb will kill him for you if you hold him up long enough, so root first, and then worry about DPS.

Tip: There are some great vantage points near the objectives that you can use to stay out of melee as you rain death down upon your enemies.

Healer : On offense, stay with the Bomb Runner.  Keep your heals targeted on him and watch for any snares or roots.  If he is rooted, cast any spells you have to remove them.  Your primary job is to keep him alive and moving.  On defense, keep your Tanks and Melee DPS standing so they can kill the Bomb Runner.

Tip: Don't be shy about yelling for Tanks to put Guard on you.  People will yell at you if you don't heal, so yell at them if they don't have Guard on you!


The key to success in Talabec Dam is to stay fluid.  You will have to think on your feet and chance tactics often as the battle ebbs and flows.  You will shift from offense to defense in a matter of seconds, so be prepared, and keep your eye always on the Bomb Runner.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016