Tier 3 Scenario: Lost Temple of Isha

This Scenario is a battle over a forgotten Temple of Isha that must be captured and held. Holding the Temple will generate points. Holding Isha's Will grant additional points per kill for the one carrying it. Capture the Temple or Isha's Will to lay waste to your enemies for victory!

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We continue our Scenario Guides with a look at the Tier 3 Scenario: Lost Temple of Isha. By now you should be comfortable with your Class, and pretty much know your role in most instances. The Lost Temple of Isha is a deceptively simple Tier 3 scenario. While the basic premise of the scenario appears easy, there are several suggestions and ideas to help you rise above the mindless masses and show your true mastery over the enemy. Continue reading if you wish to crush your enemies and hear their pitiful cries for mercy!

Basic Strategy

At its core, The Lost Temple of Isha is a take-and-hold scenario. There is a single capture point, a flag, located in a small ruin in the south of the scenario, which is located at an equal distance from both the Order and Destruction spawn points. The objective is simple: take the flag and then defend. As long as your side controls the flag, you accumulate points. The first side to 500 points wins the scenario with a 15 minute time limit. In addition, there is an item, Isha's Will, located to the north of the ruins. Taking Isha's Will generates additional points per kill for the player holding it. Isha's Will is secondary. The focus of you and your group should be the Lost Temple of Isha. Sounds easy, eh? Well, there's a few wrinkles that add some complexity to the scenario (the same way a High Elf can't just say 'yes' or 'no', but rather drone on and on about poetry or how blue the sky is).

Tip:If your side controls the Temple of Isha and you are being overrun, make sure that at least one person stands next to the flag. As long as one person of the controlling team is standing in proximity to the flag, the enemy will not be able to take control.

Tips & Tricks

Communication : Communication: As in most scenarios, communication is key to victory. The whole group must work together to take or defend the objective. If your group attacks in dribs and drabs, they will be defeated. In addition, if you're defending, you'll need to quickly communicate if the enemy sneaks up on the side or rear of the group. It is imperative that the group work together. If you're going solo, then you're as mad as a night goblin! (And just as useful!)

Tip: There are several columns on the sides of the temple that can be used by Ranged DPS classes. From the hill, you can jump onto the top of the column. From there, you can only be hit by ranged attacks or spells. Melee attacks can not reach you. Yes, it's kind of cheap, but do you want to win or share a cup of Earl Gray Tea while discussing prose with the enemy?

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Temple of Isha

Offense : At the beginning of the scenario, it is vital that the entire group rushes to the Lost Temple of Isha and capture the flag. There are two routes that can be taken. The first is a frontal route through the front of the temple, which is a small section of walls that screen the flag from the outside. The second route is a side route, available to both Order and Destruction, that leads to the side of the temple. This second route ends on a hill path overlooking the temple. From there, it's a short jump down to the temple. You must take the flag in the temple! If you don't, then you can kiss winning the scenario goodbye. Everyone should attack together, either from the front or the side. If you can coordinate it properly, you could attack from the front and side of the temple at the same time, thus hitting the enemy from the flank. Keep attacking until you take the flag.

Tip: If the enemy holds the temple, have a few people run into the temple and quickly out. If you're lucky, they'll be as mindless as an ogre and come running out looking for a cheap kill. Imagine their surprise when they see your whole group ready to kick his butt into the middle of next week! Now there's less of them defending the flag.

Defense : Once you take the flag, then all your attention should be to defend the flag. That means one thing: STAY BY THE FLAG! As long as one person of your side stands next to the flag, the enemy can't take it. The walls in the front of the temple are great screens for the enemy and they will use them to try and lure you away from the flag. You should only go past the walls if you're chasing down a nearly dead foe after they have failed to take the flag. Keep an eye out for stealthy classes attempting to sneak up on you and definitely keep an eye on the sides of the temple so as you won't be surprised if the enemy tries to flank you. You should make the enemy come to you, not the other way around. If you die, race back to the temple as fast as you can, preferably by the side route, to help keep the flag under your control. This one bit of advice can't be repeated enough: STAY BY THE FLAG!

Class Roles

Tanks : Your role is similar for both offense and defense. On offense, you should lead the charge and try to tie up as many opponents as possible. Use knockback to disrupt their formations. Lead the way to the flag and continue to pound the enemy. Make sure that you've put guard on your healers, as that having a live healer keeping you up and fighting is better than having a dead healer, and thus, a dead you. On defense, your job is to tie up as many of your opponents as possible, thus allowing your Melee DPS and Ranged DPS to concentrate on the enemy healers and mages. Again, use knockback to disrupt their formations. One Tank should be standing by the flag at all times alongside a healer. As long as you're standing, the flag remains in your hands.

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Flag at Isha

Melee DPS : On offense, you want to slip around the front lines and attack the enemy healers and wizards. Going in stealthed and sneak attacking an enemy healer is always the best option. When the enemy squishy begins to bleat for help (like a miserable snotling!), you'll divert enemy players from what they're doing to rush over to defend the squishy. With luck, you should be able to drop him before they get there. On defense, your job is again to take out the enemy squishies. Concentrate on the enemy healers first, then their wizards. Following that, look to take out their Ranged DPS. Keep an eye out for enemy players coming in from the sides using stealth. You tend to have the best chance to notice them. It's best if one Melee DPS stays close to the flag and the healer that should be there. Always keep an eye out for the enemy coming in from the sides.

Ranged DPS : Your role differs little from offense to defense. Use your ranged attacks on squishy targets first, then help your Tanks take out their opponents. Use roots and snares to slow the enemy down, thus allowing your side to concentrate their attacks. If you are on defense, keep an eye out for Ranged DPS using the columns on the side as high ground. On offense, don't be shy about using the same columns to your advantage. Use knockback to keep enemies from the flag and to disrupt their attacks.

Healer /strong>:On offense, run in with the rest of the group and keep your Tanks up. Once you've taken the objective, stay by the flag. Make sure that the Tanks have put guard on you and keep healing, healing, healing! Keep your eyes peeled for enemy players sneaking past your group intent on reaching the flag. Fighting tends to be concentrated towards the front of the temple. Keep your Tanks up so they can tie up the bulk of the enemy. Also, keep an eye out for players who are close to death and quickly rez them when they do die. That way, they don't waste time running all the way back from the spawn point. Don't be shy for yelling for help if you're attacked. If you die, then the defense of the flag is greatly weakened.


The key to success for The Lost Temple of Isha is working, and staying, together. On offense, attack as a solid group. If you're exceptionally well coordinated, then attack from the front and rear. Take the flag as quickly as possible and then hold it. Use the terrain and routes to your advantage, and keep an eye out for your enemy doing the same. Once you have the flag, stay by it. As long as your group refuses to be drawn out of the temple and fights well together, your chances for winning the scenario are very good.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016