Tier 4 Scenario: Dragon's Bane

Dragon's Bane is a power struggle between three capture locations. Capture and hold these locations for points over time. To aid the recapturing of these objectives, deliver the Black Dragon or Sun Dragon Beacons to the capture locations to call down aid from above!

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We continue our Scenario Guides with a look at the Tier 4 Scenario: Dragon's Bane. This Scenario is not for the faint of heart. As the name correctly states, here there be Dragons! Do I have your attention? I thought so, so read on.

Basic Strategy

Are you ready to control the power of a Dragon? Do you want to watch your enemies burn as your new scaly friend turns up the heat? Then Dragon's Bane is the Scenario for you. Dragon's Bane is a King of The Hill Scenario. Hop down, charge to the capture points, take one, and then move on to the next. Yes, I know it sounds a lot like Nordenwatch, but trust me, it's not. See that flag near your spawn point? That flag controls your new friend. Grab it, and charge one of the capture points your enemy holds. All you have to do is plant it at the Capture Point and your new big buddy will be along shortly to help push (fry extra crispy) everyone near the Objective. Just be careful, your new friend is as fickle as a gobbo's attention span. If your enemies plant their flag at a Capture Point you currently hold, the Dragon will kill you just as willingly. I guess you just can't trust a Dragon.

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Dragons Flag

As the Scenario plays out you will have to change your strategy constantly depending on which Capture Points are taken, and where the Flags are. You get points for each Capture Point you take and you continue gaining points the longer you hold a Point. The first to 500 points wins, with a 15 minute time limit. You get additional points for killing your opponents.

Make sure you are using the Flag to bring the Dragon out as much as possible. I have seen many Scenarios turn around completely by the Dragon. It doesn't matter if your enemy has more Tanks or Healers than you do, the Dragon can even the odds quickly. So anytime you are taking a Capture Point, make sure someone has the Flag. Likewise, if you are defending, everyone must target the enemy Flag carrier at all costs! If he plants the flag on the Capture Point, you have all but lost that Point.

Communication is key in this scenario. Make sure you always have a couple of people playing defense and guarding the Capture Points you have already taken. Nothing is more annoying than to fight tooth and nail to take a Point, and then leave it unguarded letting one of your enemies slip in behind you and retake it. Combat in this Scenario is constantly shifting depending on which Capture Points have been taken, so everyone needs to be on the same page. By Tier 4, everyone should understand that you have to work as a team. (Yes, that means that you Dark Elves will have to just get used to nasty greenskin body odor!)

Class Roles

Tanks: Your primary role is to keep the enemy at bay and protect the squishier (healers and wizards) members of your side. Remember to throw a guard on a healer, or if there's more than enough Tanks to do so, then put one on another Tank. This will allow you and your fellow Tanks to take unholy amounts of damage and help to make sure that the healers are able to keep you healed up. In addition, you share a role with everybody else in this scenario: GET THE FLAG! If you can't get to the flag, use Knock Back (it's nice of you to give free flying lessons!) and Snares to slow the enemy as much as possible so others on your team have a chance to grab it. If you are playing defense, use Snares as much as possible to slow enemies that grab the flag.

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Dragon's Bane Fighting

Melee DPS: Your primary role is to kill the enemy healers and Ranged DPS. Disrupt their ability to heal their companions and you make the fight for the Capture Points that much easier. It can't be stressed enough that anyone with the Flag has to die (preferably painfully!), or you lose! So if you are guarding a Point, pay special attention to Flag carriers. Targeting their casters is key near the Capture Points. If your Tanks can't or more likely won't take the Flag, it falls to you to do it. You are the second best at taking damage, so follow the Tanks and call the Dragons as often as you can.

Ranged DPS: Like the Melee DPS, your job is to take out enemy healers and Ranged DPS. On defense, back up your team mates by nuking anyone with the Flag. This can't be stressed enough, that anyone with the Flag has to die, or you lose! When on offense, use DOT (damage over time) abilities on everything near the Capture Points. This makes their healers have to work overtime to keep their team full.

Healer: Your job is simple; keep as many people up for as long as you can. Concentrate on the Tanks so they can hold the line, but keep an eye on any Melee DPS going for an enemy healer or wizard. Make sure you concentrate your healing on anyone that has the Flag. The fighting should be almost non-stop in this Scenario, and your healing abilities will be tested. Rez players whenever you can so they won't have to run all the way back to the fight. You should not worry about getting the flag at all. You should almost always be on offense. They need you to keep them pushing the enemy back, and whoever gets the flag, will need all the healing love you have to keep them standing while they plant it. Just rejoice in the sight when your team mate plants the flag and your friendly, neighborhood dragon comes swooping in, burning all your enemies to cinders!


The key to success in Dragon's Bane is to stay together and communicate effectively. Push the enemy hard, and keep hitting them until they back up. This can't be stressed enough ...ALWAYS USE THE DRAGON! If someone on your side doesn't have the Flag, you are doing something wrong. Likewise, everyone has to target any enemy that has the flag. If you let them plant the flag at your Capture Point, you will lose every time. Play smart and enjoy watching your enemies burn as your Renown Bar climbs.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016