Tier 4 Scenario: Gromril Crossing

Gromril Crossing is a true Tug of WAR! Several capture locations are scattered throughout the Scenario but only one is open at a time and progresses towards the enemy base depending on who captured them!

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We continue our Scenario Guides with a look at the Tier 4 Scenario: Gromril Crossing. This Scenario is for you tough guys out there. Do you like Tug of War? Do you like proving you are the biggest, baddest SOB on the field? If so, you will love Gromril Crossing.

Basic Strategy

So, you have been playing Scenarios like Dragon's Bane and Grovod Cavern, and you are saying to yourself, "I hate sitting back and playing defense! Isn't there a Scenario out there that just lets everyone go on offense all the time? This is WAR, I want to kill stuff not watch pansies grow!" Well, there's good news, Mythic has given us a Scenario that does exactly that. That's right, no defense ever! Just charge in and kill, and keep killing, till there ain't nothing left to kill! Then for fun, kill some more! It's like a Black Orc wedding!

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Center Bridge

Gromril Crossing is a Tug of War Scenario (or maybe more of a Push of War Scenario, but that doesn't sound as good). Hop down, charge to the Capture Point, take one, and then move on to the next. There is only one Capture Point available to capture at a time. Until the center bridge is taken, no others will open up. You have to push to the center, take the bridge, and then move to the next. There is no need to worry about your enemies sneaking in behind you and taking one of your points. Only one is available at a time. Once the bridge is taken, the next point opens up. Keep pushing your way until all the points are controlled by your side.

You get points for each Capture Point you take. If you control all of the Points, you gain 1 point every 2 seconds while holding them all. The first to 500 points wins, with a 15 minute time limit. You get additional points for killing your opponents.

Communication is key in this scenario. I'm just kidding! I know I say that all the time, but not this time. This is the first and probably only time I will say this. Screw communication! You are supposed to be killing! Get out there and get to it. Stop talking about it and kill something! You don't have to worry about defense, just go full out, and hit them again and again and again. You will be hard pressed to find a more direct Scenario than Gromril Crossing. This is the perfect Scenario for those thick-headed types like stunties and greenskins!

Class Roles

Tanks: Your primary role is to keep the enemy at bay. Charge the enemy, and push hard and fast towards their Ranged DPS and Healers. Use Guard on your healers and any other Tanks charging in with you. You are the front line for the offense, don't be timid. Too often Tanks break off on a charge because they feel they are going to die if they keep pushing. Well, I am telling you, PUSH! It's your job to push the enemy back. Let your healers worry about you dying!

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Gromril Crossing Fight

Melee DPS: Your primary role is to kill the enemy healers and Ranged DPS. Disrupt their ability to heal their companions and you make the fight for the Capture Points that much easier. Use any Roots or Snares you have to slow enemy Tanks trying to get to your Healers. You should always be pushing forward. Momentum means a lot in this Scenario, and you can't have it backing up or slowing down. Push forward, and when you have pushed as far as you can, push some more.

Ranged DPS: Like the Melee DPS, your job is to take out enemy healers and Ranged DPS. On defense, back up your team mates by nuking who isn't running away from your team. Use Snares and Roots to break any charge your enemy is starting to mount. Slowing them down for just a few seconds is often times all you need for your side to get going. When on offense, use DOT (damage over time) abilities on everything you can. This makes their healers have to work overtime to keep their team full.

Healer: Your job is simple; keep as many people up for as long as you can. Concentrate on the Tanks so they can hold the line, but keep an eye on any Melee DPS going for an enemy healer or wizard. The fighting should be almost non-stop in this Scenario, and your healing abilities will be tested. Rez players whenever you can so they won't have to run all the way back to the fight. Your Renown can really climb in this Scenario if you pay attention and keep your heals flowing on those who are actually charging forward and taking it to the enemy.


The key to success in Gromril Crossing is brute strength and the balls to keep charging forward when you want to turn and run. Don't be a sniveling little snotling! Kick ass, take names, and let your opponents feel the joy of having an exposed brain cavity courtesy of your huge axe! Push the enemy hard, and keep hitting them until they back up. Don't slow down. As soon as you push them back and take one Point, the next will be opening up. You should always be moving forward. Play hard and enjoy driving your enemies before you as your Renown Bar climbs.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016