Tier 4 Scenario: Grovod Caverns

This Scenario takes place in an underground warren. Capture the enemies Warpstone to close off access to your own and kill your enemies swiftly before they funnel you into a trap! Holding the Warpstone too long will result in being snared and your will to fight sapped!

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We continue our Scenario Guides with a look at the Tier 4 Scenario: Grovod Caverns. This Scenario is one of the toughest Scenarios to win in Tier 4. It's hard hitting, smash mouth, capture the flag tactics on steroids! If you like a knock down, drag out fight, that takes real strategy to win, well bring your A game to Grovod Caverns.

Basic Strategy

Grovod Caverns is a capture the flag Scenario. Hop down, charge to the other side, grab the flag, and return it to your flag. What's that? You are wondering why I said all that stuff about how difficult it would be, and how you better bring your A game with you? Yes, I know it sounds a lot like Phoenix Gate, but trust me, it's not. See those 5 bridges near each flag? You have to cross those bridges to get to the flag. Oh, and here is where it gets interesting. Each time you capture the flag and return it to yours… one of your bridges blows up! That's right, each time you capture a flag, your enemy loses another avenue of approach to your flag, but you also lose another avenue of return. It is easy to take a flag once, it isn't too hard to take it twice, good luck taking it that fifth time. Killing your foes, blowing things up... it's like an Orc's sweetest dream!

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Grovod Bridge

As the Scenario plays out you will have to change your strategy constantly depending on how many bridges are still standing. Not only will it affect the paths open to capture the flag, but it can affect your return path as well. If the enemy has taken a flag or two, you might have to run around to find a bridge still standing to get back to your flag. You get points for each flag you capture and return to your flag. The first to 500 points wins, with a 15 minute time limit. You get additional points for killing your opponents.

There are three exits from your spawn point, this gives you three different directions to attack the enemy from depending on which bridges are still in play. Avoid the center of the field at all costs, because everyone tends to charge to the center and just sit there and beat each other's brains in. Be the smart player and take the side routes. This Scenario is about getting the flag more times than your enemy, killing them, while nice (and satisfying!), is secondary. Let the meat heads fight it out in the center while you actually win the Scenario.

Communication is key in this scenario. Make sure you always have a couple of people playing defense and guarding the flag. Combat in this Scenario is constantly shifting depending on terrain, and everyone needs to be on the same page. If your team mates are not communicating, you have already lost, especially this late in the game. By Tier 4 everyone should understand that you have to work as a team. Honestly, even a lowly Snotling knows to work with his companions by Tier 3!

Class Roles

Tanks: Your primary role is to keep the enemy at bay and protect the squishier (healers and wizards) members of your side. Remember to throw a guard on a healer, or if there's more than enough Tanks to do so, then put one on another Tank. This will allow you and your fellow Tanks to take unholy amounts of damage and help to make sure that the healers are able to keep you healed up. In addition, you share a role with everybody else in this scenario: GET THE FLAG! If you can't get to the flag, use Knock Back (it's nice of you to give free flying lessons!) and Snares to slow the enemy as much as possible so others on your team have a chance to grab it. If you are playing defense, use Snares as much as possible to slow enemies that grab the flag.

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Grovod Fighting

Melee DPS: Your primary role is to kill the enemy healers and Ranged DPS. Disrupt their ability to heal their companions and you make the fight for the flag that much easier. Targeting their casters is key near the flag. If their Ranged DPS manage to throw some DOTS (damage over time) on your companions, it becomes extremely difficult to get the flag. If you have a stealth ability, use it! You have the best chance of getting close to the flag before being detected. Grab it and RUN! Nothing is more satisfying that stealing a flag out from under the enemies' noses and scampering off while their jaws drop in surprise like a bunch of stupid ogres.

Ranged DPS: Like the Melee DPS, your job is to take out enemy healers and Ranged DPS. On offense, back up your team mates by nuking anyone near the flag. When on defense, use DOT (damage over time) abilities on everything that gets close to your flag. If the bad guys are taking damage, they can't pick up the flag. If your flag it taken, nuke the carrier with everything you have and use any roots or snares you have to slow him down so your side can get him.

Healer: Your job is simple: keep as many people up for as long as you can. Concentrate on the Tanks so they can hold the line, but keep an eye on any Melee DPS going for an enemy healer or wizard. Make sure you concentrate on your healing. The fighting should be almost non-stop in this Scenario, and your healing abilities will be tested. Rez players whenever you can so they won't have to run all the way back to the fight. You should not worry about getting the flag at all. You should almost always be on offense. They need you to keep them pushing the enemy back, and if someone gets the flag, they will need all the healing love you have to keep them standing on the long trip back.


The key to success in Grovod Caverns is to stay together and communicate effectively. Push the enemy hard, and keep hitting them until they back up, or your stealth players can sneak in and grab the flag. You have several different avenues of approach early on in the Scenario, use them. If you can't get to the flag by going left, swing around to the right. This Scenario is pretty big, use the terrain to your advantage and watch your Renown Bar climb.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016