Tier 4 Scenario: Reikland Hills

Reikland Hills is a rotating King of the Hill match! Battle over the fallen Bridge at first, but soon the focus of the battle will shift to the Mill or Factory shortly after. Stay on your toes and keep moving as the capture locations open and close!

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We continue our Scenario Guides with a look at the Tier 4 Scenario: Reikland Hills. This Scenario gives some of the best Renown and XP possible in any of the Tier 4 Scenarios. You will love the constant action of Reikland Hills, just as much as a Dwarf loves to swing his ax at an Orc's neck! You don't have to leave people on defense, or decide where to go. With Reikland, there is always only one place to charge and defend. Even gobbos can understand this Scenario!

Basic Strategy

At its heart, Reikland is a King of the Hill Scenario. Simply run to the open capture point, claim it, then hold it until the next point opens up. Repeat the process until you win, or your enemies run home to their mommas crying. You get points for taking a location and points while controlling a capture location, and points for every enemy killed. The first to 500 wins, with a 15 minute time limit.

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Reikland Hills Flag

You can see on the map that both sides start the same distance from the flag. At the start of the Scenario, each side races to the Bridge. (To be nice, you ought to give stunties a head start. They have little, stunty legs after all.) Only one capture point is open to be taken at a time. The Bridge is always the first, but it is random after that. So charge the Bridge, and lay waste to your enemy to claim the point. Once your side has the point, play defense and hold it until the next point opens up. At which time everyone charges to the new open point, and the mayhem and carnage starts all over again.

Tip: When a new point opens up, the old point stays active for a few seconds. Use this time to sneak up and take the old point before it becomes unclaimed to grab extra points for your side.

Class Roles

Tanks: Your primary role is to keep the enemy at bay. Charge the enemy, and push hard and fast towards their Ranged DPS and Healers. Use Guard on your healers and any other Tanks charging in with you. You are the front line for the offense, don't be timid. Too often Tanks break off on a charge because they feel they are going to die if they keep pushing. It's your job to push the enemy back. Let your healers worry about you dying! Don't be a wuss!

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Reikland Hills Fighting

Melee DPS: Your primary role is to kill the enemy healers and Ranged DPS. Disrupt their ability to heal their companions and you make the fight for the Capture Points that much easier. The nice thing about this Scenario is that everyone bunches up trying to take the point. This puts those who normally hide in the back, right up next to you. Don't get pulled away from the capture point. Often times players will charge after retreating enemies, caught up in a bloody haze, don't let this happen to you. All you need to do is hold the point and you win. Just taunt and mock them if the enemy run too far away. Don't worry, they'll come back to dance at the end your blade!

Ranged DPS: Like the Melee DPS, your job is to take out enemy healers and Ranged DPS. Everyone will be bunched up around the point, so hit them fast and hard (AOE attacks are great here), and keep hitting them until they back up. Don't get too carried away with chasing them, if they decide to run, let them. Your job is to keep the capture point under your sides control. The idea of the game here is to stay together and keep the enemy away from the point.

Healer: Your job is simple; keep as many people up for as long as you can. Concentrate on the Tanks so they can hold the line, but keep an eye on any Melee DPS going for an enemy healer or wizard. The fighting should be almost non-stop in this Scenario, and your healing abilities will be tested. You will really need to be watching your action points in Reikland. You will quickly run out, so cast any AP taps you can on any enemy players that get close (trust me, there will be plenty around). This will replenish your action points, and keep the enemy players from getting off many attacks.


The main key to success in Reikland Hills is to stay together and stay at the capture point. Don't get caught up chasing retreating enemy players. Your first and only job is to control the point. Whichever side holds them the longest almost always wins. (If you're Destruction, then you might have to smack your gobbo comrades in the head to understand this since they're not too bright!)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016