The people over at the Warhammer Alliance have an interview up with Games Workshop Licensing Manager. This interview has tons of information as well as everyone's favorite... pictures! So take some time out of your day to give it a once over. Here's a snippet:

WHA : It has been nearly a year since we talked with you last, what have you been up to? How is Games Workshop’s Licensing Manager being kept busy?

Erik : A year? Already? Well, in the last 12 months THQ released Dark Crusade, the second expansion to Dawn of War. Namco Bandai Games released Mark of Chaos for PC and The Battle for Atluma (based on our Collectible Card Game WarCry) on the PSP. Mythic became EA Mythic, while turning out an awesome amount of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning content preparing for launch later this year. There are also a couple of interactive projects that are as yet unannounced, and seeing as I work on all of them it’s been a busy year! 2007 looks set to be just as busy for me, even though we don’t have as many releases slated as in 2006. My personal area of focus will continue to be WAR through to its launch. In terms of content WAR is far and away the biggest game I’ve ever worked on, so it needs my full attention.

You can read the entire interview by Clicking Here

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016