Q: What is the Keeps and Siege system in Warhammer Online?

A: Keeps and Siege content are props on a dynamic battlefield allowing players to participate in special type of Realm vs Realm (RvR) combat using systems similar to Dark Age of Camelot. As recently revealed in the February 2008 Newsletter, they are to help build a sense of pride in RvR and provide a focal point for combat. They are also intended to give players a visible goal and create a "flashpoint" where combat can quickly be found and enjoyed. It is a truly unique system that does not exist in most other MMOG's

Q: Do I have to participate? What happens if I don't?

A: As all Realm vs Realm combat, participating in a siege or defense of a Keep is entirely up to the player. While there are benefits to assisting in an attack or defense, players have no obligation to involve themselves in the combat. The only negative drawback is ownership of the Keeps will provide the occupants bonuses to zone control. Territorial control is one of the major goals of Warhammer Online.

Q: What benefit does a Keep have? Why should I go there?

A: The primary benefit of a Keep is to provide players with the opportunity to face each other en masse with an epic battle and to have some fun. The long term benefit of course is providing whoever owns the Keep with a bonus to zone control. This in itself makes the stakes very high for some people. It is also the only place you'll likely be able to use the very unique siege weaponry.

Q: How is a Keep captured?

A: According to the February 2008 newsletter, there are three stages to capturing a keep.

  • Breaching the exterior walls
  • Breaching the interior walls
  • Defeat the Keep Lord

Players will have access to a variety of siege equipment to help them in this task and lower tier Keeps may not have an exterior wall but all will have interior walls and a Keep Lord protecting it. .

Q: Are there different types of Keeps? Are they based on location or who owns them?

A: Based on the realm Keeps will have different architectural styles but the same basic layout. According to the February 2008 newsletter "All keeps share a similar underlying structural layout with three different levels (ground level, 2nd floor and roof)." Their comlpexity will be based on the tier but you always find at the very least the interior wall (a single door) preventing entry to the structure.

Q: What is a Keep Lord? How do I defeat him?

A: Every Keep is protected by a Keep Lord and his 4 bodyguards in the center of the building. This works like a public quest and all those involved are rewarded based on the PQ system. When the Keep Lord is defeated, all remaining guards in the Keep are despawned and a new Lord is spawned correlating to the victors.

Q: What type of siege weapons are available? How do I get them?

A: There are a variety of weapons available to those both assaulting and defending a Keep. All siege equipment is purchased from a War Camp NPC or inside the Keep. The must be placed on pre-set siege pads in order to work correctly and will only last. The weapons available are as follows:

  • Rams - These are used to breach exterior and interior doors.
  • Ballistae - These are used to attack other players or destroy siege equipment.
  • Cannons, Catapults, and Trebuchets - There are used to do area of effect damage on a select location damaging both players and siege equipment.
  • Boiling Oil - This is poured over the walls to burn those unfortunate enough to be standing below.

Q: What is Siege Pad? How do I use one?

A: All siege equipment requires the player to use a siege pad which are pre-set within the Keep or outside. They cannot be moved once played but can be rotated in different directions. Once a piece of equipment is deployed on a pad, no one else may use that pad until it is destroyed.

Q: Can siege equipment be destroyed?

A: Siege equipment can most certainly be destroyed and frequently benefits the enemy to do so. The Ballista, Cannon, Catapult, and Trebuchet will all damage siege equipment of various types. This means players will need to use care in the location and protection of their weapons.

Q: How long will my siege equipment stay on the battlefield?

A: Each piece of siege equipment will stay on the battlefield for 30 minutes or until it is destroyed by the enemy.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016