Realm versus realm combat is at the very core of Warhammer Online. In
order to give our readers an upper hand, the Ten Ton Hammer staff has
put together RvR guides for each Tier 1 scenario. We started with href="" target="_blank">Khaine's
Embrace, moved on to href="" target="_blank">Nordenwatch,
and we finish up our Tier 1 series with The Gates of Ekrund. Make sure
you keep an eye on the headlines, we'll be running our Tier 2 RvR
guides in the next few weeks!

the Gates of Ekrund is the most bloodthirsty Tier 1 RvR
scenario. This is a sheer slaughterfest, even compared to the
incredibly intense Nordenwatch and Khaine’s Embrace battle
fields. For
most gamers, and especially casters, dying four or five times
won’t be
such a bad outcome. If you’re a player that loves to simply
jump into
the middle of a brawl and have it out with other players, this is the
scenario for you.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016