Warlock Guide Update - How to Play
Our Warlock Guide was updated with new tips and playstyles to help you do better as you progress through the game and reach level 70, including some PvP tips and some grouping tips!

When on large scale PvP, your best bet is to fear and DoT enemies, but if you only see one or two enemies coming at you, regardless of spec, you will be trying to overpower them quickly with your best abilities so that they're out of the way before their help arrives. This can be achieved by ample use of Fear and Howl of Terror, as well as Death Coil and Shadowburn along with DoTs to either cripple or increase your damage against them.

If you're demonology, you work best in a small group, since heals will do way more to you and your pet will be sharing damage with you. This makes you a very strong presence in the battlefield who can DoT away and nuke some like the rest, albeit with lesser damage. Well-geared demonology warlocks are very hard to defeat in PvP due to the sheer amount of HP they have.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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